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Admiral excels at locking down and disrupting opponents, as well as drawing enemy fire away from his team. Being highly durable, Admiral is able to absorb damage from the enemy and regenerate lost health quickly. Though lacking in mobility and damage, if played right, Admiral can easily become a fearsome threat.

Pros / Cons

+ High durability

+ High sustain

+ Excellent crowd control

+ Cannot be moved by enemies

+ Low damage

+ Low mobility

Item Build

  • Titan Combat Boots

    These boots generally fit well with tanks, and Admiral is no exception. As previously stated, Admiral lacks a lot of mobility, with no movement abilities apart from his dash. These boots decrease the duration of all interference effects (except grapples) by 20%. This is important for Admiral, as his passive already gives him immunity to any displacement skills by the enemy team. It helps bolster Admiral's strengths, and the added defense is helpful as well.

  • Coat of the Deep

    Once fully upgraded, this item yields Admiral a good chunk of health, a 15% cooldown reduction, and causes his Black Mark to last one second longer. While a one second extension may not seem like much, it has undeniable benefits. Not only does Black Mark cause enemies to be blinded, it also obscures the enemy's screen, causing them to be disoriented and have a lower awareness of their surroundings. This allows Admiral to effectively nullify any incoming damage from regular attacks for 3 seconds, helping both himself and his team to get the upper hand.

  • Captain's Chalice

    This item is an absolute must have for any Admiral build. Admiral's E, "Drink Up," allows Admiral to restore mana instantly, as well as increase his defense and health regeneration for no cost. With Captain's Chalice, however, Admiral also gains 5% of his health back each time he uses the skill. Additionally, this item is the only way "Drink Up" can have its cooldown reduced. This item also (at the time this was written), has the highest base health regeneration stat of 125%, allowing Admiral to quickly recuperate lost health and stay in the fight longer.
  • Kraken's Heart

    Offering a massive 700 health boost, a scaling health regneration, and an instant ultimate, Kraken's Heart complements Admiral's kit quite well. It's important that Admiral has a lot of health and health regen, as items in this build such as Titan's Suit become more effective. As mentioned before, Admiral doesn't have very good mobility, so the added 5% movement speed increase helps cover that weakness. Finally, Admiral's ultimate gets its cooldown shaved off by 10 seconds, as well as causing the Kraken to be summoned immediately upon casting the skill. This makes Admiral's ultimate faster, more reliable, and more available.

  • Titan Suit

    Being an excellent, well rounded tank item, it's no wonder that Titan Suit has the highest pick rate for Admiral. You won't find a single tank who doesn't have this item reccomended for their build, and for good reason. While the base stats on this item are certainly important for any tank, it's special effects are what causes it to stand out. Damage over time is decreased by half, and all health restoration effects are boosted by 15%. What's more, once Admiral has less than 30% of his health, Titan Suit adds on another 15% boost to any health restoration effects. This means Admiral's already high health regen will become even more massive, and the health he gets from each sip of his "Drink Up," will yield even more health.

  • Task Force Shield

    While health and health regen are important, without a strong defense stat, Admiral won't be able to absorb and dampen incoming damage like he needs to. Task Force Shield gives Admiral a total of 40 defense, a good amount of health and health regen, and a 15% cooldown reduction. This item helps Admiral to last longer in teamfights, and enables him to throw out his crucial crowd control abilities more often.

  • Total Base Stats
  • Defense + 105
    Max Health + 2350
    Health Regen + 300%
    CDR + 30%
    Movement Speed + 90
    Movement Speed + 5%

Skill breakdown

  • Pirate's Gift

    With this passive, Admiral becomes totally immune to any displacement caused by the enemy team (with the exception of grapples). Being resistant to all pulls and pushes allows Admiral to both maintain a close distance with the enemy, as well as flee without worry of being moved in the opposite direction.

  • Captain's Slash

    Admiral quickly slashes his blade twice at a distance that is around twice the length of his regular attack. While Admiral doesn't generally output a lot of damage, using this move along with your regular attacks is important. Plus, a fleeing opponent just out of the reach of your regular attacks could be hit by this move.

    Example of Captain's Slash length

  • Harpoon Blade

    This move is Admiral's bread and butter. An excellent engage tool, Harpoon's blade pulls any enemy caught within its sizeable range toward Admiral, and decreases their defense by 15% for 3 seconds. Combined with his dash, Admiral can cover a wide distance, allowing him to grab enemies from far away. You can immediately use Black Mark on grabbed enemies, which blinds and slows them, making it easy for your team to follow up.

    Example of Dash-Hook

  • Black Mark

    As mentioned before, Black Mark is a great skill for disabling enemy hypers. All enemy hypers affected by this skill will be blinded and have their screen obscured. This means Admiral and his team takes no damage from any regular attacks for up to 3 seconds, making this skill useful for both offense and defense. If you find yourself on the verge of dying and trying to retreat, you can quickly turn around and use Black Mark on your pursuers, shielding yourself from regular attacks and slowing them in the process.
  • Drink Up

    This skill lets Admiral gain a "Drunkard" stack, increasing his defense by 10, his health regen by 50% and giving him 15 mana. He can have up to 3 stacks, meaning he gets 30 defense and a 150% health regen boost for no mana cost whatsoever. You want to try and keep yourself at 3 stacks for the entirety of a match, keeping in mind that whenever Admiral takes damage the duration of the stacks are decreased by one second. Similarly, whenever Admiral suffers intereference effects, the duration of the stacks are decreased by three seconds. With the Captain's Chalice item upgrade, the cooldown for this move is reduced by two seconds and Admiral gains 5% of his health back everytime he takes a sip. Maintaining 3 stacks ensures allows you to stay in lane and teamfights longer.
  • Release the Kraken!

    This ultimate can turn the tide of any battle, or end the fight before it even begins. This ability spans a wide area around Admiral, dealing damage to enemies up to 3 times and knocking them down for 1.5 seconds. Should this skill hit, it allows your team to rain damage on enemy hypers without retaliation for a brief time. Make sure to position yourself in a way that Admiral's ultimate hits as many people as possible, and use your Harpoon Blade and Black Mark to further disable and damage the enemy team. Keep in mind that without the Kraken's Heart item upgrade, there is a slight delay from activating the skill to having the animation begin. Admiral is able to activate this skill, then use Harpoon Blade on enemies to bring them within reach of the Kraken's tentacles, disabling enemies for a long time.

    Example of Kraken-Hook combo

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