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Since my ign is SnOw and I love Aisha, I decided she would be my first guide just to go with the theme. This guide will breakdown my specialist split pusher, played like a striker play style.

Pros / Cons

+ Strong DPS

+ Easy laning phase

+ Split pushes well

+ Easy stun

+ Good slows

+ Objective killer

- No real escapes

- Snowstorm is easily interrupted

- Ultimate feels underwhelming, requires set up cc to maximize snowstorm

Item Build

  • Slaughterer's Gaiters

    No escapes aka you need boots, good life steal and nice passive.

  • Orb of Winter

    20% life steal is pretty standard for strikers but 40 attack and increasing the range of mega snowball allows you to build her passive on more targets.

  • Sanguine Scythe

    You want this item to shutdown healers, but even without healers this item is strong on its own. It also keeps tanks in check from running wild.

  • Breath of Fire

    Since I play her like a striker, Breath of Fire is another standard striker item outside of Celine. You want to spam mega snowball and you have other abilities to easily proc BoF.

  • Dragon's Bane

    Nice attack, but you build this item for its passive. 20% additional crit damage is always lovely.

  • Red Hyper Ring

    I use this item mainly for utility but its stats are just as lovely.

  • Total Base Stats
  • Attack + 175
    Life Steal + 30%
    Defense Penetration + 20
    Critical Strike + 50%
    Movement Speed + 100
    Movement Speed + 5%
    Max Health + 300

Skill breakdown

  • Frostbitten

    Aisha's frosty powers chill the air around her foes. Every hit inflicts frostbite on her enemies, reducing their Movement Speed.

  • Mega Snowball

    Aisha conjures and hurls a great big snowball straight ahead, doing damage. Always spam mega snowball, you want enemies to have your passive stack on them at all times.

  • Snowstorm

    Calls down a whole mess of snowballs to pelt Aisha's foes and do damage to enemies hit by the storm. Any snowballs that hit the ground shatter and do the same damage to nearby enemies. IMPORTANT pro tip, this skill goes through walls and off of ledges! Use snowstorm to clear waves and kill objective monsters. Make sure the enemy is cc'd or their cc is on cooldown before dropping snowstorm on them. Its easily stopped and has a medium cooldown so you don't want to waste it. Example of long range snowstorm usage here.

  • Cold Snap

    With a snap of her frosty fingers, Aisha freezes and damages any enemies affected by frostbite. Enemies frozen by this skill lose the frostbitten effects. Save this skill to stop engages, ultimates, hard cc, chases, finishing off really low health targets, and for safe chases, and stealing objective items. The higher number of frostbite you have on an enemy the longer the stun will be.

  • Snowfall Cloak

    Aisha's enchanted and snuggly Snowfall Cloak decreases damage from enemies and reflects some of it back. You want to use this wisely. If you think it's safe you can put it on as you trade damage against your enemy laner. You can also split push and use snowstorm to get some nice damage on a turret, just make sure its safe to do so. If you need to chase put on cloak and make sure the enemy has a frostbite stack on them.

  • Murphy Snowman

    Summons Aisha's great big jolly snowman buddy to beat up her enemies. When Murphy arrives he'll spread ice across the floor that slows her foes down. In my opinion her ult feels a bit underwhelming but it applies a nice slow and is good for finishing off low health targets. Its another skill of hers that is easily interrupted so be cautious when you use it.
    • Tips

      Combo Tip: When the enemy is cc'd use snowstorm as much as you can then let go of the skill key when your team cc is about to be over > use cold snap for a long stun > ultimate to finish them off and apply a good slow > cloak > jump attack chase anyone who survived. See example here.

    • Don't ALWAYS rely on snowstorm for your main source of dps. Play just like a striker would but time your abilities for your teams benefit. Get used to your cooldowns quickly so rotating skills becomes easier.

    • Since you have red ring DON'T PANIC and DON'T FORGET to activate it. You can make aggressive plays with it and make nice escapes with it. Since you have no escape skills the ring helps with her survivability. See example here.

    • Make sure you jump attack while moving backwards for safe poke and evading enemy projectiles.

    • Always watch your positioning and be aware of enemies that want to gank you because you're an easy target. See example here.

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