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Resets, resets, resets. Blue Rose is all about getting that first kill and chaining it into more and more. Rose is also one of the most agile Hypers in the Universe, allowing her to get in and out with relative ease before your opponents know what hit them. Blue Rose will require a lot of skill and practice to master. Knowing the best times to engage on a target is key. Always be jungling when you can and try to take as many boxes as possible without abandoning your lane to die.

Pros / Cons

+ Insane Mobility

+ Excellent poke and range for an Assasin

+ High damage

+ Great Jungling Capacity

+ Resets!

- Not the greatest tower pusher

- Bruisers and tanks make her life difficult

- Susceptible to crowd control

Item Build

  • Slaughterer's Gaiters

    The standard go-to boot for damage dealers, Gaiters will offer you some much-needed lifesteal, movement speed and a decent amount of Defense Penetration that scales with your attack.

  • Token of Massacre

    Excellent early-game item that will provide you some life steal and attack power for surviving in the jungle. Fully upgraded, it will allow you to reset your ultimate, letting your damage output skyrocket if you can hit the right targets.

  • One in a Thousand

    Borderline stats on this one, but once fully leveled, it grants a massive 30% defense bypass and also increases the amount of damage your ultimate does by 15%. Also, it allows you to ignore all CC except grapples while your Ult is firing.

  • HE Concussive Rounds

    Offers the highest base attack you can get on an item at 45, so we take this. 20% crit is also nice, but best of all it will lower the cooldown of your stun by 2 seconds, and boost the damage of the second part of the ability.

  • Dragon's Bane

    Part 1 of the Critical damage package, you'll find this on a lot of offensive Hypers. Offers a bunch of attack and a bunch of crit and allows you to crit for 20% more damage.

  • Assassin's Katar

    Part 2 offers more Crit chance and an attack boost when you reach 60%, easy with this build. Also gives you some more Defense Pen for late game, and a slight movement speed boost.

  • Total Base Stats
  • Attack + 155 (+35 with Assasin's Katar)
    Defense Penetration + 20
    Max Health + 2600
    Health Regen + 175%
    CDR + 25%
    Critical Rate + 85%
    Lifesteal + 20%
    Movement Speed + 100
    Movement Speed + 5%
    Defense Bypass + 30%

Skill breakdown

  • Killer Instinct

    Rose's passive is what brings her from being a normal assassin, to an absolute terror. Being able to string together a series of kills on squishy targets is brutal. Or can allow for an escape if you tower dive an enemy for a kill. Or, it can also allow you to chase down any other fleeing targets as well.

  • Throat Slash

    Rose's bread and butter skill is highly versatile. On such a short cooldown it will serve as your main engage tool and a second dash button. Damage on it isn't too shabby either.

  • Deadly Barrage

    Your main jungling tool, this ability also allows you to function as a pseudo-striker for about 5 or 6 seconds. Keep in mind you can cancel this ability at any time by using another one or pressing the skill button again. Careful not to cancel it too early if you're doing some damage.

  • Gutshot/Heart Stab

    Rose's stun, and % damage combo. Pressing the skill button again launches Heart Stab, but the timing is tight, hit it too late and you'll be left standing there doing nothing.

    Example of turnaround shockwave

  • Flying Barrage

    Your second main escape tool, this ability can also be used offensively. The cooldown is quite high however, so take care in how you use it. It also functions a bit like Celine's backflip, allowing you to ignore ANY CC coming your way, including slows and grapples.

  • Blindfire

    Your ultimate. This will do flat damage in a circle around you. Best to use somewhere in the beginning of a combo, so that if you hit your reset, you can use it again. And again.
  • Tips

    • Skill Usage

      For a standard poke combo, try and hit your Throat Slash so that you land on the other side of your opponent and then stun them. From there you can judge the situation, if you're about to get stunned or jumped on yourself, leap back towards your team/tower with Flying Barrage. If not, you can activate Heart Stab and start unloading more damage with autos and your Deadly Barrage and Blindfire. The most common reaction to being jumped on by a Rose is to immediately dash backward after the stun ends, so as long as it dosen't put you in tower range, you can also cut off their escape by jumping pre-emptively behind them with Flying Barrage.

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