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Curse Eye is one of the most versatile support hypers in the the current build of the game. He has two modes accessible from his ultimate Mood Swing, which is available at level 1: Nice and Mean (my name). Nice mode gives you access to the more standard support abilities such as buffs, heals and shields. This mode has a slower base attack speed with a higher base damage. Mean mode gives you access to more aggressive abilities such as his petrify, fear, and poison. This mode has a very high base attack speed with lower base damage and shorter range. All of Curse Eye's abilities have separate cooldowns even across modes. They will continue to count down regardless of which mode you are currently in. This will challenge your ability to "feel" about how much longer you need to wait before changing modes unless you want to switch only to use your regular attacks. Curse Eye's abilities work well when used in specific sequences and often can even amplify other hypers attributes when used effectively.

Pros / Cons

+ 9 separate abilities

+ one of only 2 Hypers that can sap mana

+ Strong Crowd Control

+ Fits most team comps

+ All abilities other than Mood Swing are AoE and do some damage this includes his buff, heal and shield

+ Neat passive on death

- Good positioning required

- No movement/escape skills

- Low early game damage

- Squishy even when built defensively

- Petrify can negate other CCs

Item Build

  • Mercenary Greaves

    Put one point into this item to start gaining gold over time. You will not be getting many last hits on minions/monsters, so these boots are great for helping your gold gain throughout the match. Finish boots as soon as you begin to get kills and assists, as your gold gain will increase significantly. If this isn't the case, finish this item last, right after Blue Hyper Ring.

  • Blue Hyper Ring / Nano-tech Band

    Put one point into this item at the start of a match to get a ward, then move onto The Blue Gaze. All supports should try to carry this item. As mentioned earlier, Curse Eye can reduce the mana of his enemies with his "Screamer" skill. Nano-tech band further bolsters this trait as its able to decrease enemy mana by 15, as well as completely stopping enemy mana regeneration (on a cooldown).

  • The Blue Gaze (essential)

    This item allows you to petrify enemies regardless of the direction they are facing. Purchase this item before playing Curse Eye, there is really no replacement for it.

  • Vital Crystal / M.E.D.I.C. System

    Vital Crystal significantly increases your healing output and your poison output. You can also opt for M.E.D.I.C. system if you don't like/have Vital Crystal, it's a strong basic defensive item.

  • Mark of Chaos / Titan Suit

    Mark of Chaos increases your shield size and fear duration, but you can use Titan Suit if you don't like/have the unique. Titan Suit increases your healing and has a synergistic effect with Duality.

  • Duality / Omniwatch

    Every time you press Mood Swing you heal. Seems good. Also the only way to reduce your ultimate's cooldown. If you don't like/have Duality, you can use This item increases your CDR cap and pushes your movement speed to cap.

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing all uniques)
  • Attack + 15
    Defense + 135
    Max Health + 2550
    CDR + 40%
    Movement Speed + 90
    Movement Speed + 5%

Skill breakdown

  • You can find all the skill videos at the "Game Info" section in the Hyper Universe client.

  • Go On Without Me / Rage Quit (Passive)

    Go On Without Me- short time after death, Curse Eye explodes healing your allies and applying an overtime heal for a percentage of their maximum health. Rage Quit- a short time after death, Curse Eye explodes applying a poison to all enemies in range. This poison ticks for a total of 30% max health FIXED damage over 6 seconds.

  • Team Spirit / Screamer (A)

    Team Spirit- Curse Eye cheers loudly, dealing damage around him 3 times and giving all allies other than himself 20 mana. Screamer - Curse Eye screams loudly, dealing damage around him and removing 20 mana from all enemies in range.

  • Gazer Beam / Stone Gaze (Q)

    Gazer Beam - Fires a beam that damages enemies and increase allies movement speed and healing received. Stone Gaze - Curse Eye fires a beam dealing damage and petrifying enemies who are facing toward him, and stunning enemies facing away. The petrify last much longer than the stun but increases the enemies defense slightly.

  • Slobber Shield / Horrific Odor (W)

    Slobber Shield - Curse Eye spins applying a shield on all allies in range. Horrific Odor- Curse Eye wails dealing damage around him and fearing enemies.

  • Living Breath / Death Breath (E)

    Living Breath - Curse Eye spits applying a healing over time effect. Death Breath - Curse Eye spits dealing damage on contact and applying poison.

  • Mood Swing (R)

    Switches between modes and restores 30 mana.
  • Skill Combos

  • Notation - All skills will be referred to as their respective button on the default keyboard controls and additional inputs will be explained in plain English. Skills pressed one after the other will be noted with > example: X > Y Skills whose animation are cancelled by another skill will be noted with a bracket surrounding the initial skill and the skill that cancels the animation tied with a ~ example [X~dash] > Y) The corresponding skills can be seen in the above section, next to the names of the skill.

  • Max Healing Combo Execution - Starting in Nice Q > E (Q increases healing effects on targets and E is a heal over time.)

    Difficulty - Very Easy
  • Full Support Combo All support abilities in sequence, these change based on if your team is in motion and if you are in front or in back of the group.

    From rear or front position; not in motion - Execution: Starting in Nice Q > [E~dash] > W > A
    From front; in motion - Execution: Starting in Nice Q > A > turn around > [E~dash] > W
    From rear; in motion - Execution: Starting in Nice [Q~dash] > W > E
    Difficulty- Hard (timing and spacing required) See example here.
  • Solo CC Combination

    Execution- Starting in Mean Q > Walk to opposite side of desired movement direction > E > A (This combo is used to apply all your debuff at once.)
    Difficulty- Medium to Hard (depends on if anyone is trying to obstruct your approach after your Q)
    See example here.
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