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Celine is a powerful, evasive Hyper with lots of potential for skilled play. Her kit, like most other strikers, revolves around making her regular attacks as hard- hitting, and fast as possible. As such, the items and advice in this guide will help you to do just that, and become a huge threat on the battlefield.

Pros / Cons

+ High damage output

+ Evasive

+ Scales well

- Lackluster early game

- Relies heavily on ultimate

Item Build

  • Slaughterer's Gaiters / Crimson Sprinters

    Both of these boots complement Celine in helpful ways, to the point where I'd recommend choosing what suits your needs best. Slaugtherer's Gaiters gives Celine a good bit of sustain, which becomes a crucial factor in late-game teamfights. Apart from that, it also scales Celine's defense penetration by 7% of her attack, allowing her to mow down tanks and other hypers more quickly. Crimson Sprinters helps Celine snowball into a huge threat later on, as it boosts attack by 2% each time Celine crits. This can stack up to 5 times, meaning Celine gets up to a 10% attack boost, which benefits her greatly in team fights.

  • Headhunter

    The reasoning for Headhunter is similar to the reasoning for Slaughterer's Gaiters. It grants Celine another 10% Lifesteal, and an impressive 45 damage. As mentioned before, Celine needs to make sure her regular attacks are as hard-hitting as possible, and a lot of that comes from building her attack stat. Furthermore, while Gaiters targets the enemies defense, Headhunter targets the enemies health, dealing additional damage equal to 4% of an enemies Max Health. This item helps Celine kill anyone, tank or otherwise.

  • Fury of the Wild

    This item is an absolute essential to any Celine build. While it doesn't have quite the same base attack as Headhunter, it's special effect makes it crucial. Essentially, the more Celine shoots her arrows, the more effective this item is. Regular attacks activate rage for 5 seconds (up to 10 times), which increases attack by 2 and attack speed by 1%. This caps out at an additional 20 attack, 15 defense penetration, and 5% attack speed. With her ultiamte, Celien can reach max stacks in a matter of seconds, allowing her to deal lots of damage very quickly.

  • True Uzuru

    The first of two unique items included in this build, True Uzuru makes Celine's best ability even better, and provides a massive boost to her attack and critical chance. As stated in the cons section, Celine's effectiveness in a fight is heavily dependent on being able to use her ultimate. Not only does True Uzuru lower the cooldown by 10 seconds, it also increases the damage dealt to enemies by 10%. This makes Celine's ultimate more available, and more threatening.

  • Wind Crystal / ESP Assault Rifle

    This is another instance where I feel these items both benefit Celine, as they add similar boosts to Celine's base stats, with the exception of Wind Crystal giving 5% more critical chance. Wind Crystal increases the knockback of Gale Arrow by 50%, and lowers the cooldown by 2 seconds. Gale Arrow is a part of why Celine is so evasive, as it pushes and slows enemies. ESP Assualt Rifle extends Celine's projectile range by 100 units, giving her even more range. You can select either item, just keep in mind that Wind Crystal has the slight edge over ESP in terms of stats.

  • Dragon's Bane

    Dragon's Bane works great with any striker, and Celine is no exception. With a large boost to Celine's attack and critical chance stat, it works well for her kit. The additional 20% damage increase to critical strikes is the cherry on top.

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing Slaughterer's Gaiters and Wind Crystal)
  • Attack + 200
    Defense Penetration + 15
    Max Health + 300
    Mana Regen + 60
    CDR + 15%
    Critical Rate + 50%
    Lifesteal + 20%
    Attack Speed + 10%
    Movement Speed + 100

Skill breakdown

  • Guardian of the Winds

    Celine has naturally high movement speed, and this is why. This passive gives her a flat 15% increase to movement speed, helping her chase and flee from hypers.
  • Strafe

    Strafe is a solid secondary attack, using it alongside your regular attacks lets you get the most out of it.

  • Gale Arrow

    While Gale Arrow is a strong disengage, it can be used to position yourself and enemies in a way that advantages your team. While fighting a melee character, it is most effective to use it at the moment they come close enough to hit you, as it gives you more time to damage them and regain health. Use this ability to push enemy hypers away, toward turrets, or into your enemy team. If you use Gale Arrow when you're right on top of an enemy hyper, it will send them behind you rather than in front. This can be good or bad, but it's important to keep it in mind.Example of Gale Arrow reverse hitbox

  • Ranger's Shot

    This skill has extremely long range, making it great for harassing and execute. While charging this ability increases its range and damage considerably, it is sometimes worth it to quickly launch one off, as the extended range can catch fleeing opponents. If you find yourself chasing an enemy hyper thats just out of range, using Ranger's Shot immediately out of dash is a great way to get that last hit in.
    Ranger Shot Usage

  • Elven Leap

    Elven Leap is one of the most versatile and effective moves in the game. Using it correctly will let you evade nearly everything enemies can throw at you. It can even let you evade turret shots. Since the move makes Celine flip backwards, it's sometimes easy to mistakenly backflip into the enemy team while trying to run away, make sure you quickly move in the opposite direction so you flip away from enemies. If you combine it with your dash you can cover a lot of ground quickly, useful for chasing or running away. The coolest thing (in my opinion), that can be done with this skill is to dash cancel it. If you dash cancel the backflip you stay in the same position, while still retaining some of the evasive hitboxes. This means you can fight enemy hypers without losing any ground, and still retaining your evasiveness. As a bonus, your dash is still usable. I call it "LifeDashing."
    Example of DashLeap movement

  • Uzuru Awakened

    This ultimate takes everything offensively good about Celine and gives it a massive upgrade. Few, if any hypers can match Celine when she's using her ult. Because this ability is such a threat, you have to make sure you stay in the backline, and evade any attempt by enemies to lock you down. If you are able to use the majority of your ultimate on the enemy team, chances are there won't be anyone left.

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