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Gelimer can keep enemies locked down while absorbing damage and chipping away at the enemy's health. Due to his limited range, however, he must be able to get close to enemy hypers in order to be effective, making him particularly susceptible to ranged attacks, or skills that keep him away. In order to get the most out of Gelimer, you need to be able to find opportunities to get close, and keep enemy hypers disabled so your team can follow up.

Pros / Cons

+ Great crowd control

+ Strong presence in teamfights

+ Shrugs off enemy crowd control and damage

- Limited range

- Low Mobility

- Susceptible to ranged attacks

Item Build

  • Titan Combat Boots

    I'd strongly recommend having this item in any Gelimer build. As stated before, Gelimer lacks mobility, so he is really benefited by the movement speed. Furthermore, the decrease in the duration of interfering skills allows Gelimer to get within range of enemy hypers faster.

  • Spark Generator

    This item is absolutely essential to Gelimer. Not only does it give Gelimer some much needed health and movement speed, it totally removes the health consumption required to sustain his ultimate, while boosting its damage by 100%. After this item is built, you'll be able to keep your ult on for the entirety of the match, giving you a significant movement and damage boost, without any real tradeoffs.

  • High-Voltage bolt

    While not quite as significant as Spark Generator, High-Voltage bolt is still a great item for Gelimer. Being a tank, it's no surprise that Gelimer will be taking the brunt of damage in any teamfight. High-Voltage bolt gives Gelimer a massive 700 health boost, while allowing him to reflect 10% of incoming enemy damage. It also enhances Gelimer's static field, which shields Gelimer from damage, and makes him immune to most restricting effects. Essentially, this item makes it significantly easier for Gelimer to do his job.

  • Task Force Shield

    Task Force Shield is a solid tank item overall, so it can usually fit with most tank builds. I'm including it in this build for the same reason I'd include it any tank build. The cooldown reduction, health and defense boost lets Gelimer be more durable, while allowing him to more frequently use his crowd control.

  • Devil's Jacket / M.E.D.I.C System

    Devil's Jacket is typically a more common choice for Gelimer builds, and for good reason. The 43 damage per second aura effect stacks well with Gelimer's already constant damage from his ultimate, making him a threatening hyper to be near. The reason I sometimes opt for M.E.D.I.C System stems from my philosophy on tanks. The strength of tanks comes from their durability, not their damage. So I'd rather make their strengths stronger, than pad their weaknesses and "waste" an item slot. M.E.D.I.C System gives Gelimer nearly twice as much health, while decreasing the damage of incoming critical strikes and increasing his health regen significantly. I believe this item helps Gelimer more in the long run, and helps him fulfill his role more effectively. That being said, I think either item can work well with Gelimer, so pick and choose to your need.

  • Titan Suit / Electroshock Protector

    Both of these items are great for Gelimer, with Electroshock Protector being more tailored for Gelimer's specific abilities. Titan Suit is one of the best tank items in the game overall, and as far as survivability goes, it has a slight edge over Electroshock Protector. However, Electroshock Protector compliments Gelimer's ultimate well, as it can deal damage based on your Max Health to enemy hypers. The 10% lifesteal works well with Gelimer too as he needs to frequently be within melee range of his opponents. The lifesteal can help him sustain himself better over the course of a fight.

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing M.E.D.I.C System and Electroshock Protector)
  • Attack + 175
    Defense + 75
    Max Health + 2600
    Health Regen + 175%
    CDR + 25%
    Critical Rate + 25%
    Lifesteal + 10%
    Movement Speed + 90
    Movement Speed + 5%
    Max health + 10%

Skill breakdown

  • Monster Shock

    Gelimer gets a lot out of being able to hit his opponents consistently, and this passive is a big reason why. After getting enough shock stacks, Gelimer can stun enemy hypers and heal himself, making it easier for him and his team to lock down the enemy team.

  • Electric Punch

    For a punch, this skill has a good bit of range. Stringing it together with your other skills allows you to maximize your damage potential. Keep an eye on the number of shock stacks an enemy has, if they've got 4, Electric Punch is capable of stunning them, keeping them disabled longer.

    Example of Electric Punch stun combo

  • Thunderclap

    Thunderclap is your primary crowd control ability. It landed, you can almost always connect it with Shock Wave immediately, letting you keep an enemy hyper disabled for a long time. Dash can be useful for getting within range, or repositioning yourself after stunning an opponent.

    Example of Thunderclap Dash Combinations

  • Shock Wave

    This move is a little difficult to land if enemies aren't already cc'ed, so I'd recommend using it immediately after you land Thunderclap. Gelimer can actually turn around during Shock Wave, allowing him to hit enemies on both sides.

    Example of turnaround shockwave

  • Static Field

    I'd recommend using Static Field while approaching enemy hypers. It gives you a decent shield to shrug off incoming damage, but more importantly it makes you immune to most restricting effects. This let's Gelimer get within range to stun enemies, and allows his team to follow through.

    Example of Static Field usage

  • Overload

    As mentioned before, this ultimate (once Shock Collar is upgraded), can be toggled on for the entirety of a match without any real issues. The only times I'd recommend not keeping this ability on are around turrets and boss monsters. You don't want to unnecessarily agro invader or a turret by damaging an enemy hyper.
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