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Green Pit Bull is a late game utility type tank that focuses on slowing down the enemies Movement Speed, Attack Speed, rooting them in place, and granting vision with his blossoms. Boasting the highest Health in the game thanks to his Chomp ability paired along with certain items, Green Pit Bull can become a juggernaut on the field.

Pros / Cons

+ Late game monster with high Health

+ Excellent peel and disengage with his slows and roots

+ With a well timed ultimate can completely stop the enemy teams engagement and turn the tide in an instant

+ Slightly above average jungling for a tank due to his poison and fixed Chomp damage

+ Able to grant vision without a ward thanks to his Parasitic Blossom

- Very weak early game

- Low mobility, makes up for it with his slows and roots

- Weak engage and not much of an aggressive play maker like the other tanks

Item Build

  • Mercenary Greaves

    Not only does the increase to max Health to synergize with almost every item in this build, but it gives you a solid boost in gold to buy them faster. It helps in keeping you up with an enemy team that is an item or two ahead.

  • Slimy Sap

    Used for it's good base stats and affect to Green Pit Bull's passive, increasing the amount you slow Attack Speed to 20% and Movement Speed to 30%. Making Green Pit Bull a true menace.

  • Electroshock Protector

    Since Electroshock's damage scales off of Health it's a real no-brainer to include in a build that focuses on increasing it. This item alone gives you a large damage spike and lets me at least average at around 40k damage done to hypers at the end of a match. The 10% Life Steal is a good bonus as well.

  • Lethal Predator

    Lethal Predator is one of Green Pit Bulls best unique items. Increasing the amount of Hunt stacks you can get to 150 which nets you 3k total Health when you reach max stacks. Also boosting Green Pit Bull's Health, Defense, and Life Steal by 10%, it's no joke.

  • Wild Creeper

    While it's base stats are great Wild Creeper truly shines once you're fully built and have reached max Hunt stacks. Increasing Attack and Defense by a whopping total of 55 each. The decreased cooldown time for Thorny Tentacles is also welcome, giving you the ability to use it every minute.

  • M.E.D.I.C. System

    A personal favorite item for me. It synergizes extremely well with almost every item, giving you another massive increase to Health and Health Regen.. Plus it reduces critical damage taken by 20%.

  • Total Base Stats
  • Defense + 70
    Max Health + 2450
    Life Steal + 20%
    CDR + 10%
    Health Regen + 100%
    Movement Speed + 90
    Movement Speed + 5%
    Max Health + 10%

Skill breakdown

  • Sticky Sap

    This passive alone is something to make the enemy team think about when diving you as it slows their Attack Speed and Movement Speeds. Forcing them to successfully dive your team, if they fail it's nearly impossible to run afterwards. It can also be used offensively if you dive the enemy team or try to gank.

  • Chomp

    While it seems like a filler ability to use while fighting or clearing jungle, Chomp has a huge effect. Once used on any enemy be it minion, jungle monster, or Hyper you will mark an enemy for 5 second and if they die in that amount of time you will receive a stack of hunt. Hunt increases your health by 20 per stack.

  • Tanglevine

    Your root, it can be used in multiple ways such as: Stopping an engagement before it begins, securing kills when chasing down the enemy, ganking, setup while diving, or simply for applying more damage to help you out while farming in the jungle.

  • Death Spore

    Just like Chomp, Death Spore might seem like some sort of filler move used to apply a poison to the enemy. While the poison does a fair amount of damage it's main use in fights is to reduce the enemy team's damage dealt by 10%. It's range is rather large too and can easily be applied to the whole enemy team if they're too grouped up.

  • Parasitic Blossom

    Another unsuspecting ability of Green Pit Bulls. Not really used as a trap but to grant vision of the immediate area once placed. Because of the length at which Parasitic Blossom lasts only 4 can be active on the map. If an enemy Hyper steps on it they will be poisoned for a small amount and grant vision to Green Pit Bull and your team for 4 second.

  • Thorny Tentacles

    One of the best tank ultimate abilities in the game in my opinion. Thorny Tentacles knocks up anything hit by it in it's large range, damaging and then slowing them down. Knock up launches a Hyper into the air then they have to go through a landing animation, so being able to force this kind of CC potentially out against a full enemy team and then slowing them is incredibly strong.
  • Tips
    For a build with wards I suggest taking out the Wild Creeper to make room for the Blue Hyper Ring.
    Remember to try and place flowers constantly, this gives you and your team a great deal of vision.
    People can easily jump over your root to avoid anything else you've got planned for them so timing it while they spam their jump ability is something you need to learn when chasing them down.
    When trying to engage with it a quick dash into the root works best, giving them less time to react and jump over it or dash out of the way. See example here.

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