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Ignitia is a high burst, high damage, hyper that thrives on the amount of enemies burning around her. She's easy to learn how to play and can easily output the highest damage in the game in a single match.

Pros / Cons

+ High damage output

+ Low learning curve

+ High skill ceiling

+ Good for aggressive playstyles

+ Great for learning map awareness and general game mechanics

+ Easy to make a comeback with

+ Feels damn good to burn everything

- No Crowd Control

- Lack of escape abilities

- Relies heavily on positioning and team coordination

- Extremely squishy

- Easy to shut down

- Runs out of mana fast

Item Build

  • Build order (standard)

    Red Hyper Ring (1 point) > Plasma-cutter > Crimson-Orb > Finish Ring > Boots > Sanguine Scythe > Emperor's Scepter
  • Build order (when enemy team has a lot of healing capabilities)

    Red Hyper Ring (1 point) > Sanguine Scythe > Crimson-Orb > Finish Ring > Boots > Plasma-cutter > Emperor's Sceptre
  • Red Hyper Ring

    Since you're one of the squishiest hypers in the game having a red hyper ring gives you a little more defense to get out of a bad situation or even give you a bit of protection when you need to go on the aggressive to get a kill. The life steal this item provides is a life saver as well when you hit mid game. It's recommended to put one point into this item and finish it after you've completed Crimson Orb as the shield it gives on the first level is all you need for early game.

  • Plasma Cutter

    Plasma Cutter Is an amazing item for iggy as it'll provide her with more flat damage over time on her abilities and more defense penetration on top of a good amount of attack and mana. This item goes really well with her as it allows her to do more combos in a situation and gives her more damage potential.

  • Crimson Orb

    Ignitia needs Crimson Orb to do most of her damage to assassins and squishy targets. This item provides a 10% bonus to her attack along with the 10% bonus that she has just for being a specialist. It gives her more fire balls when activating burning whisps which in turn applies more damage to the enemy.

  • Slaughterer's Gaiters

    These boots give a flat bonus to Ignitia's movement speed and lifesteal which she absolutely needs to survive any team fight. The boots also give her defense penetration based off of her attack which at this point she already has a ton of.

  • Sanguine Scythe

    As a high burst damage dealer Ignitia requires defense bypass to be able to destroy anyone on the battlefield. This item not only gives ignitia the ability to bypass a percentage of the enemies defense but it also gives her 20 defense penetration. This item also allows you to reduce the healing done by any healer on the enemy team, any lifesteal the enemy has, and any health regen the enemy may be building.

    If you run into a situation where you're going against someone like elendis or some other massive healer and no one else on your team is building sanguine scythe or you know your ally won't be building sanguine scythe until much later it would be best to instead build this in place of plasma cutter so you can actually get the kills and not just waste most of your damage output. Although you may lose some damage potential early game it'll be worth it so your team can do better. As for when you build plasma cutter, you'll have to wait until you would normally build Sanguine Scythe. (Ring>Sanguine-scythe>Crimson-Orb>Finish Ring>Boots>Plasma-cutter>emperor's scepter)
  • Emperor's Scepter (essential)

    Emperor's scepter is a must for ignitia. It's one of the most expensive items in the game and requires a lot of time to fully build, but it helps ignitia pack more heat with her flames into the late game. Just for completing the item regardless of how many kills Ignitia has her attack is increased by 40 and her damage output is increased by 15% to any enemy including jungle monsters. Always build this item last as it is a huge end game item and a massive power spike to boot.
    As a side note, ignore the wording of the item as it needs to be reworded to make more sense but this is how it actually works: First tier you get a flat 40 attack, Second tier will boost your damage output by 15% regardless of how many kills you have. If you and only you have 8 kills in total (this applies retroactively which means if you have 8 kills before you even complete this item then the second passive automatically will apply once you finish this item) then you get 10% attack and 10% lifesteal Since you're playing ignitia you need to keep in mind that you will normally have 8 kills by the time you build this once you've gotten the basic idea of how to play her. This is a super late game item that will turn the tide in your favor so play smart and you'll win.

  • Total Base Stats
  • Attack + 170
    Max Mana + 30
    Mana Regen + 30
    Life Steal + 20%
    Critical Rate + 15%
    Movement Speed + 100
    Attack + 10%
    Defense Bypass + 30%

Skill breakdown

  • Uncontrolled Burn

    Whether you're in team fights or you're in lane, simply put the more enemies that are on fire the more damage you will be dealing. To put in a more complex term, if the enemies are on fire and within your vision, you gain a bonus to your attack of a max of 10% for having 5 enemies burning within your vision and a bonus of 10% movement speed which really doesn't do much for you except provide the ability to chase or get out slightly faster if you can.

  • Fireball

    Since Ignitia's basic attacks don't go through targets but instead blow up on impact this ability is decent for hitting people behind a wave of minions or quickly getting a kill on someone running away.

  • Flame Breath

    One of your three main sources of damage. Since the ability deals 5% of the enemies max health on top of scaling off of your attack stat, this is a good way to secure kills early game and get you stacks on your great sword. Mid to late game this ability will melt the assassins that dare to touch you, so long as you play things right you should get the kills easily.

  • Burning Whisps

    One of your three main sources of damage. Since the ability deals 5% of the enemies max health on top of scaling off of your attack stat, this is a good way to secure kills early game and get you stacks on your great sword. Mid to late game this ability will melt the assassins that dare to touch you, so long as you play things right you should get the kills easily.

  • Inferno

    Use this ability to get more enemies on fire during a fight to increase your attack stat. This ability is a great way to get some health back during a fight as well since you don't gain life off of your passive damage over time. This ability is also a great way to use to escape a bad situation as most poeple don't want to stand in it and if they do then you become stronger and faster.

  • Burning Blast

    Only use this ability to secure a kill, you'll waste it if you only use it at the start of a fight when everyone is full health. As for when to use it, you'll need to be the judge of that. If it's against a tank you're gonna need to wait until they are very low on health, if it's a squishy target like Blue Rose then you might be able to use it when she has 1/3 of her health left. This ability is the bread and butter of Ignitia and if it is used incorrectly then you've wasted the potential of a kill or you could even have caused your team to lose a team fight.

    Skill combos and tips

  • Ignitia Combo

    Your general combo for Ignitia will be Burning Whisps > Flame Breath > Inferno > Burning Blast with some basic attacks thrown in to get your mana back for some of the abilities.
    See example here.

  • Ignitia is a power house machine but she lacks Crowd Control or any means of escaping a sticky situation. You have to be careful when playing her, if you get caught out you are severely punished for it and you'll be at the mercy of your allies to help get you out. She is easy to shut down if the enemy commits to killing her first, so positioning is absolutely key to playing this Hyper. Don't be afraid to get aggressive at times though, Ignitia capitalizes on chaos and allied CC to keep the enemy down or away from her. You have to find a balance of being aggressive, but not too aggressive to the point that you're dying constantly or getting caught out too much.

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