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Liu is an Assassin that shines in team-fights, gaining buffs depending on how many enemies or allies are nearby. He works well as both an engager and a follow-up, and with preparation can swing battles heavily in his favor.

Pros / Cons

+ Mobile

+ Fast jungle clear

+ Easy to use

+ Good engage

+ Flexible build path

+ Can debuff enemies

+ Very good Crowd-Control

- Can run out of Mana quickly

- Taunt leaves you open for engage

- Taunt cannot be dash-cancelled

- Difficult to recover from a bad engage

Item Build

  • Verdant Crescent

    As an Assassin, Liu has to be in close quarters with opponents in order to properly fight them. With Verdant Crescent, he is given 30 Attack Damage and 20 Defense, and whenever he is close to enemies it will decrease their Attack Damage and Defense by 15, allowing Liu to do more damage to them while also taking a bit less. This item also provides 10% Lifesteal, which can keep him healthy while jungling.

  • Breath of Fire

    This item will speed up Liu's jungle clear even more, while also giving him some Attack Damage, Critical Rate and Max Health to help him survive an enemy engage. Breathe of Fire can also increase the damage of your combo to help you finish off enemies more reliably.

  • Heroic Suit

    One of Liu's Unique items, and is a very recommended item to have in your build. It gives you a great balance of Attack and Defense, Critical Rate, Movement Speed and enhances your Master's Challenge. Usually your taunt ability can be a bit unsafe to use since it leaves you open for a window of time, but with his Heroic Suit, his taunt range and duration increases, letting you apply the debuff to enemies from a much safer range.

  • Slaughterer's Gaiters

    This Item provides you with a flat increase to Movement Speed and 10% lifesteal, however Liu want's this item mainly for it's Passive ability to give Defense Penetration based on 7% of Attack. The Defense Penetration increase will increase the damage he does with his abilities, and will overall increase his kill potential.

  • Shrieking Blade

    Shrieking Blade is an item that can save Liu from an enemy engage, or help him recover from a failed engage on the enemy team. On top of providing 300 Max Health, the passive will fear all surrounding enemies when the user gets below 35% Health, and will also give the user immunity to CC, giving the user(in this case, Liu) the chance to escape a guaranteed death.

  • Devil's Jacket / Frost Cape

    Devils Jacket will make Liu a bit more durable, and grants him an aura that damage enemies that are close to him. This can be swapped with Frost Cape, which will provide Liu with an extra 30 Mana, which will help Liu with his Mana problems.

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing Devil's Jacket)
  • Attack + 135
    Defense + 85
    Max Health + 950
    Life Steal + 20%
    Critical Rate + 20%
    Movement Speed + 100
    Movement Speed + 15%
    Mana Regen + 30%

Skill breakdown

  • Master's Spirit

    This ability shines the most in team fights. It's not a very noticeable passive, but try to stay aware of it while in-game.

  • Nunchuk Rush

    A basic ability with nothing special to it. It has a low cooldown, so it's best used for clearing jungle camps, and for when you have nothing else to unload on the enemy team.

  • Rabbit Sweep

    A very important ability for Liu, as it will knockdown all enemies hit by it. Use this to keep enemies from getting away from you, or for when you are trying to get away from an enemy. This is also a core part for finishing Liu's combo.

  • Flowing Kick

    His main engage and mobility skill. This ability combos with his Master's Challenge, stunning anyone hit by the taunt. On top of this, hitting opponents with Flowing Kick who are knocked up will deal bonus damage and will knock them up once more.

  • Master's Challenge

    Liu's debuff ability. Enemies within range on this are taunted, lose 10% of their attack damage, and if they are hit by Flowing Kick will be stunned. this should be used either before an engage or in the middle of a battle. This can turn the tide of team fights if used correctly.

  • Dragon Flip

    His ultimate ability. Knocks enemies up and resets the Cooldown of Liu's Flowing Kick if an enemy is hit by this skill. A very important ability for Liu, as it is the core ability of finishing his combo correctly.
  • Liu Combo

    Master's Challenge > Flowing Kick > Rabbit Sweep > Dragon Flip > Flowing Kick
    See example here. (Note that the final Flowing Kick can be done in either direction)
    There are more variations to this that you can try to figure out, but this is his go-to combo for engaging on enemies.

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