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Michelle is a powerful Striker that can quickly melt the enemy team, so long as she's positioned correctly. Positioning is everything when playing Michelle, as choosing the correct position to place your gun will determine your effectiveness as a whole.

Pros / Cons

+ Exceptional damage, attack speed and range

+ Clears minions and mobs quickly

+ Useful traps with low cool down

+ Ultimate allows Michelle to mow down tanks

+ No mana cost, and ammo is quickly reloaded

+ Gun Emplacement makes the laning phase easy for you, hard for your opponent

+ High durability for a Striker

- Low Mobility

- Her Gun Emplacement is both her greatest strength and her biggest vulnerability

- Quite a bit of down-time between Gun Emplacements

Item Build

  • Headhunter (Essential)

    Headhunter's high attack stat and passive works well with Michelle's kit. I like building this item first as it helps mow down minions and sustain myself in lane. The passive procs often in a teamfight as Michelle's attack speed is incredibly high with her Gun Emplacement. The passive also works well with Michelle's ult, as both do % Max health damage.

  • High-Voltage Stun Gun (Essential)

    Similar to Headhunter, HSVG's high base stats and passive significantly boosts Michelle's killing power. The attack speed given by Gun Emplacement boosts the chance of High-Voltage's passive being activated, which further increases Michelle's DPS, and slows enemies so that they remain in Michelle's barrage longer.

  • Fury of the Wild (Essential)

    Gun Emplacement allows Michelle to get to max stacks with Fury of the Wild quickly, giving her a significant boost to her attack speed and defense penetration. The increased defense penetration is useful as it lets Michelle mow down tanks, which is further helped by her ultimate.

  • Slaughterer's Gaiters / Crimson Sprinters

    Since Michelle has low mobility, I'd recommend getting boots to get around quicker. The life steal from Gaiters brings Michelle up to 20% along with Headhunter, with the added defense penetration being a nice plus. Gun Emplacement allows Michelle to get to max stacks with Crimson Sprinters very quickly, which ultimately yields a 10% boost to her attack. Since Michelle can shoot projectiles very quickly, she can crit more often than other hypers. As a result, the 10% boost to her critical chance goes a long way.

  • Double-stack Magazine / Special Colt Barrel

    Both of these items are Michelle's best uniques. If you do decide to go with Crimson Sprinters over Gaiters, having Double-stack Magazine in your build will still allow you to hit 20% life steal. I don't recommend using Slaughterer's Gaiters and Magazine in the same build as you'll go over the life steal cap. More importantly, the passive lets you get more out of your Gun Emplacement in teamfights, allowing you to shoot 30 rounds before having to reload. However, the argument could be made that the additional ammo isn't very neccessary, as Michelle's ultimate gives her unlimited ammo. Special Colt Barrel decreases the time it takes to to use Gun Emplacement, while providing a 30% defense bypass. It also gives a small boost to your Crit Chance and decreases the damage you take while in turret form by 5%. This item can help you get the most out of Gun Emplacement, while decreasing some of the down-time (mentioned in the Cons) of Michelle.

  • ESP Assault Rifle / Blue Beam Blade / Sanguine Scythe

    If the enemy team has a support, or tanks that rely heavily on health regen, I'd recommend choosing Sanguine Scythe instead of Blue Beam Blade, as the health regen debuff is crucially important in dampening the enemy team's vitality. If the enemy team doesn't have a support, but has a tank or other durable hypers, I'd recommend choosing Blue Beam Blade. The 40 attack and 40% defense bypass will let you shred enemies indiscriminately. Keep in mind that you may only have one item in your build with the Defense Bypass stat. ESP Assault Rifle can work well with Michelle, as it increases her already high attack speed and projectile range. The increase to her range allows her to harass enemies from a greater distance, and position herself farther away from the enemy in a teamfight.

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing Double-stack Magazine, Sanguine Scythe and Crimson Sprinters)
  • Attack + 180
    Defense Penetration + 35
    Life Steal + 20%
    Critical Rate + 45%
    Movement Speed + 100
    Defense Bypass + 30%

Skill breakdown

  • Hardened

    This passives gives Michelle extraordinarily high durability for a Striker. It lessens some of the risk of Gun Emplacement by giving Michelle more defense and increased resistance to most interference effects.

  • Reload

    Michelle uses ammo instead of mana. Ammo can be reloaded at any time using this skill, but will automatically reload when Michelle's magazine is empty. Keep this in mind, as pressing Reload during a forced reload animation will cause you to reload again, even if your magazine is full. Make sure to Reload often, keep your ammo as high as possible so you can be as effective as possible in teamfights or other hostile encounters.

  • Gun Emplacement

    Michelle's bread and butter. As mentioned before, positioning is everything with Michelle. Make sure you use your Gun Emplacement where you are able to hit the enemy team while being as safe as possible. While Gun Emplacement tremendously increases Michelle's DPS, using her regular auto attacks can be quite effective as well. Her long range is the same either way, meaning she can use her regular attacks to harass the enemy or chase them down.

  • Anti-Tank Mine

    Where you place these mines will determine how useful they are. I'd recommend placing them in front of turrets, to dissuade and damage enemy hypers who plan on diving you. Make sure to place them directly above ladders as well, since they are guaranteed to trigger on enemy hypers that use them.

  • First Aid

    This skill heals Michelle gradually, granting her sustain that is especially useful early on. Since the healing is done over time, it can be a good idea to use the ability before a fight begins, staving off some of the initial damage taken by Michelle.

  • Uranium Rounds

    As if Michelle didn't already shred her opponents, Uranium Rounds gives Michelle infinite ammo and rounds that deal damage equal to 1.5% of the target's Max Health (3 second cooldown). Using this skill in a teamfight will let you mow down even the tankiest of targets, while decreasing downtime by removing the need to reload.
  • Tips

    Using Dash with Gun Emplacement can allow you to position and reposition quickly. It can be used offensively, to get in range of an enemy, or defensively, to quickly retreat from your position. See example here.

  • Example of guaranteed mine trigger and regular attack chase down here.

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