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Migenhardt is a tricky character to pick up and harder to master. His kit allows him to handle just about any situation he finds himself in, whether needing to disengage, initiate or stall until teammates show up or respawn.

Pros / Cons

+ Sustains in jungle or lane

+ Mana-less

+ Grapple CC

+ High survivability

+ Coffin to tank turrets

- Team dependent

- Must be close to CC

- Long Cooldowns

- Hurt by Sanguine Scythe

Item Build

  • Ravenous Bat

    Ravenous Bat allows Migen to trade early with the enemy lane opponent or jungler whom he comes across. The 2% Max HP passive from the item works hand in hand with the ability it is enhancing, Hungering Flight. First building this item also gives you 35% lifesteal at the beginning of the game as his passive gives him innate 10% lifesteal and also raises the cap by 20%

  • Dread Mantle

    By-far my favorite item on Migen gives him some much needed Cooldown Reduction, more Lifesteal, Defense and a slow passive that works with his previously enhanced ability Hungering Flight. Since Hungering Flight sends out 5 bats, all 5 Dread Mantle stacks are achieved by anyone who is his by the ability; allowing Migen to chase and get in close with Blood Binding.

  • Sanguine Claws

    This item gives Migen more attack to quickly mop up jungle camps/minions, Max HP and a decent amount of defense for being a relatively cheap item to build. The enhanced Blood Binding also makes his CC more reliable as the ability is instantly cast rather than having a slower start up.

  • Hellfire Lance

    This is generally a good item to use on Bruisers as it gives Attack, Max HP and more Cooldown Reduction. The reason the item works well with Bruisers is the unique passive of the ability which increases Defense by 10% of your Attack. This build focuses a little bit more about getting Migen capable of doing some more damage by himself without sacrificing too much Defense and this item does a good job of providing both.

  • Electroshock Protector

    Most of the items I have listed so far give great Max HP; this item is no exception. On top of the Defense, HP and Lifesteal the Protector gives, it does the opposite effect of Hellfire Lance. Increases Attack by 10% of defense. With the passive of basically being a bomb every couple of seconds to shock enemies around you when you are hit yourself allows you to deal even more damage just by being close to high priority targets. The passive also scales with HP!

  • Titan Combat Boots / Mercenary Greaves

    These two boots are swappable to your play style. Being an aggressive Migen and constantly ganking lanes or forcing fights? Mercenary Greaves are your boots, getting an early gold advantage and extra HP to become a bit more tanky early game. Going against a CC heavier team or need that little bit more defense? Titan Combat boots should fit the bill, with 15% less duration from enemy CC will allow you to move more quickly out of being stunned or slowed.

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing Mercenary Greaves)
  • Attack + 100
    Defense + 105
    Max Health + 1550
    Life Steal + 35%
    CDR + 25%
    Movement Speed + 90

Skill breakdown

  • Lord of Pure Blood

    This ability gives Migen his innate Lifesteal, Cap and extra stats for just building Lifesteal. His Attack and Max Health is increased by 40% of his Lifesteal making his other items sync up with this passive ability. The other portion of this passive explains how his stacks work rather than having Mana. Upon using an ability you earn 1 drop of Blood. Reaching 5 stacks enhances all of his abilities except for Feast of Blood, his ultimate.

  • Call of Blood

    A basic ability that damages enemies in front of Migen and recovers a flat amount of HP based on Level and Attack.

    Enhanced - Upon reaching 5 stacks of Blood the ability can be used to pull in all enemies within 650 units. Furthermore the ability also increases the amount of health recovered by 50%. The enhanced ability can be used to catch enemies off guard as they are usually expecting you to double Grapple them with Blood Binding. A quick enhanced Call of Blood into Blood Binding can yield better results in some situations rather than using the double cast of Blood Binding.
  • Hungering Fight

    Flight sends out 5 bats to deal damage based on Level and attack dealing the damage with each bat. I mentioned this ability earlier with Dread Mantle and the Unique item Ravenous Bat. Any item that has a stacking effect such as Defiler’s Flail would also work with Hungering Flights 5 hits to instantly lower enemy stats.

    Enhanced - The enhanced Hungering Flight can get you out of a lot of sticky situations if you find yourself in one. Using the enhanced ability, Migen transforms into a bat flying forward for quite a distance removing all CC and ignores all damage and defense effects. You can completely avoid some other Hypers abilities with the enhanced version of this ability to use it wisely if you are in a tough spot.
  • Blood Binding

    One of Migen’s signature abilities he Grapples enemies up to 300 units away from him, damages them 7 times and keeps them up in the air for 1 second. The utility of this ability is phenomenal as its an almost instant cast Grapple which is one of the best CC’s in the game. Grapple cannot be avoided by any sort of item or Hyper ability unless stated.

    Enhanced - Enhanced Blood Binding can be instantly cast after using the first cast of the same ability effectively holding the enemy in the air for a full 2 seconds while dealing damage. 2 seconds of Grappled time while the rest of your team deals damage is devastating.
  • Dark Slumber

    Migen is able to tank turrets, or even avoid an entire teams burst potential with this move. Migen retreats into a coffin for 2 seconds or until the coffin gets hit 5 times by any ability or auto attack, but he takes no damage nor can he be CC’d while inside of it.

    Enhanced - Enhanced Dark Slumber increases the amount of time Migen is able to retreat into the coffin by 1.5s as well as the amount of hits it takes by 2x. If you ever find your team tower diving and you’re tanking the turret you can get up to 4 Blood stacks and use his coffin twice back to back to potentially tank 4-5 tower shots without taking any sort of damage.
  • Feast of Blood

    When Migenhardt activates his ultimate ability he uses 20% of his current HP to increase his Cooldown Reduction by 20%, increase his Cooldown Reduction Cap by 20% and Heal for 5% of damage dealt within his 1000 unit area of effect around him. Anyone who stands in the AoE also takes damage based on level and 1% of their total HP per second while having their HP recovery effects cut by 35%. Having this ability active in a team fight is absolutely crucial as it allows him to get up to his 5 Blood stacks faster to cast more and more enhanced abilities. The extra damage and the HP he returns just for damaging enemies while in his ult range also keeps him healthy.

    • Skill Usage

      Every situation has a different use for all of Migens combos. Whether it be to use Blood Binding to save a fleeing teammate into an Enhanced Hungering Flight to flee away yourself; or to catch a striker off guard with an enhanced Call of Blood to pull them in and CC them with Blood Binding. Most combos should be thought about as the situation comes up.
    • Here is one example of a very effective double grapple

      Double grapple in teamfight
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