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Ah, one of my all time favorite Hypers. Welcome to SnOw's "hehe xd" Pinky Guide.

Pros / Cons

+ Amazing slows

+ Can be played passively or aggressively

+ Punishes aggressive teams

+ Strong chase

+ Playmaker

+ Can escape quickly if abilities are used properly

+ Flexible, fits in with many team comps

+ Good burst heal ultimate

- Semi squishy

- Takes a lot of time to master aggressive playstyle

- Sanguine hurts her ult

- No real escapes

- Wand Twirl can be dashed out of even though the window to execute is quite small.

Item Build

  • Superconductive Boots

    When building this item, put 1 point at the start of the match, then you can finish it as your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th item. You go with these boots to boost her mana because the more mana you have the stronger her ult will be.

  • Pink Brooch

    Nice health increase early game but you want this so your bubble shield is stronger.

  • Omni-watch

    Omni-watch gives a big CDR boost, and it comes with an excellent passive for Pinky. You can't "hehe xd" without this item.

  • Pink Belt

    More health, more mana and more CDR. Nuff said.

  • Pink Tiara

    Tiara's main purpose is to help make her ult strong as possible.

  • Blue Hyper Ring

    Vision is always needed and since you're a support this is a go to item.

  • Total Base Stats
  • Attack + 15
    Defense + 85
    Max Mana + 35
    Mana Regen + 40
    Cooldown Reduction + 60%
    Movement Speed + 90
    Movement Speed + 15%
    Max Health + 2100
    Max Mana + 15%

Skill breakdown

  • Power of Imagination

    Pinky's boundless optimism increases the Mana and Mana Regen of her playmates.

  • Cootie Beam

    Flings a beam of love that damage enemies. Love stacks, reducing enemy Movement Speed and stunning them. This skill is your bread and butter. This is why you build high cdr, so you can chase and keep enemies from escaping their deaths.

  • Wand Twirl

    Spins around in a magical routine. Her first spin pushes enemies back and stuns them. Her second spin pushes them even further and reduces their Movement Speed. This is your "get off of me" skill to help you survive, but it can also be used to make "hehe xd" aggressive plays. Once you get used to the space/range of this skill, you can also stop enemy CC and cancel ultimates from a safe distance. Correct usage and timing of this skill can also help allies escape death.here.

  • Boo-Boo Ball

    Lobs a super bouncy magical ball at enemies. At first bounce, the ball creates a field that increases ally Movement Speed and reduces enemy Movement Speed. You can do sick trick shots for kills with this skill but its main purpose is to slow down your enemies to snail speed. This can be used to chase, escape, disengage, and save allies.

  • Bubble Shield

    Pinky summons a damage absorption bubble to shield a hyper of her choice within 1,600 units. Use this skill wisely until you're very familiar with the game and Pinky. For average players you want to save this skill to save a teammate from danger in the nick of time. When you're confident enough you can pre-bubble a teammate from danger and for when they are about to make an aggressive play like tower diving. You can rearrange the Hypers you can bubble on your team by clicking and dragging them on whatever arrow key you prefer.
    Personally I have my main engage/tankiest hyper on the top arrow key, my striker/super squishy on the right arrow key, and my 2nd front line on the left arrow key. Keep yourself at bottom just so it's easier to remember and you don't have to worry about it.

  • Rainbow Dance

    Consumes all of Pinky's mana while healing allies and damaging enemies. The more Mana that's consumed, the more powerful the skill. Using her ultimate properly can be tricky at times. Make sure you position yourself really well so if you're teammates get combo'd you can safely ult to help them survive. Once you develop your "6th sense" timing her ultimate properly will become a breeze.
    Just remember to use it in the middle of the fight where your teammates are. You don't want to be too far back and too far forward. Don't use your ult when you have like 1 hp, I know it's hard not to but just don't it when you're about to die anyways. Save it for next fight especially if your cdr isn't 40-50% yet.
    • Tips

      This build and play style is for you to survive and annoy the living hell out of your enemies. Even though this build isn't 100% catered to her ultimate because she is far more devastating with her utilities compared to an ult bot. There are some items in this build that still help her ultimate though.

    • Varying Combos

      Combos for Pinky vary because it depends on the situation. If you want to punish an aggressive enemy laner use: Boo-boo ball > dash or walk behind them > Wand Twirl > Cootie Beam > Auto attacks > Cootie beam. The perfect condition for this combo is to do it when you have no minions under your tower. If your team has good setup/cc sometimes it's better to not push them backwards and you definitely don't want to push them forwards. See example here.

    • When your team is behind you and you have the upper hand don't be afraid to walk in front of your enemies push them back into your team keeping them slowed and covering escapes until your team secures the kill. See example here.

    • Never panic with Pinky especially when you have abilities available and since you have 50% cdr don't hesitate to bait with your ultimate or your bubble shield. See example here.

    • When you see a Kurenai drop or a Admiral W pull use Boo-boo ball>If it looks like your team needs more time to secure the kill get in front and use Wand Twirl > if your team has the dps use> Cootie Beam > Regular Attack > Cootie Beam > REPEAT > and of course use bubble shield and ultimate accordingly. See example here.

    • Remember which hypers you have on which arrow keys. Practice this every time you play her so when it comes time to clutch all you have to do is look at the hyper that needs a shield and you instantly bubble them without looking at the arrow key hud. Also keep a close eye on your teammates hp bars on the bottom right of the HUD. Sometimes fights get too cluttered and too chaotic, doing this will make it easier to keep track of teammates in that situation.

    • If you're team has multiple wards or you have top/mid ward control you can place a ward at your bottom lane ladder. This will keep you or your bottom laner safe from ladder ganks. If you don't have control over the mid and top wards you should always ward mid if it isn't. Once ward is maxed if laning phase is over (towers destroyed) start warding major objectives like Dragon, Invader, Executioner etc.

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