What you need to know


Ranked Mode is coming soon (Feb 8), and as a new player, there are some things you should be aware of to make your ranked experience less confusing.

    To start, Ranked Mode in Hyper Universe works like this:
  • Four Bans, Left side starting first
  • The person with the highest elo bans for the team
  • Bans go 1/1/1/1, meaning left side ban, right side ban, left, then right again
  • Picks go 1/2/2/2/1, meaning left side first pick, right side two picks, and so on
  • After all Hypers are chosen, you are able to swap picks with other team members(as long as you both own the hypers you are swapping for)
  • Allies who disconnect within the match do not receive an AI and will instead AFK in the spot they disconnected in. If killed, on respawn they will stay in base until the Ally has reconnected.
  • You will have to play 10 placement matches before being assigned a rank.
  • There are no Promotion games between ranks, as Ranked matches work on a point system. Instead, when you reach a certain score, you will instantly go into the next Rank.

Preparing for ranked

  • 1 - 2 comfort picks for each role (more if possible)

    The one thing you want to make sure you have in Hyper Universe is a good team composition. The importance of this shines even more in a ranked setting, where you are trying your hardest to win. Being flexible with what you can play is always a plus, and prevents you from going into a match where the only thing everyone on the team can play is Striker. Having multiple comfort picks also prevents you from being banned out during drafting, as you will always have something you can fall back on comfortably. That said, if you don’t have that many comfort picks ready, having #2 prepared can help out with this.
  • Communication Skills

    As Hyper Universe is heavily teamplay-oriented, being able to successfully talk with your team will lead to both well-rounded teams and better coordination within the match. If you want to play a certain hyper for the match, if you want to have certain hyper on your team, if you want a certain hyper banned, or if you want a teammate to pick a certain hyper for you, relaying that information to your team members can help them understand what you’re going for. While in-match, make sure you’re using your pings, as they will alert your team to the situation and cause them to prepare for an engage or a retreat. Also,the chat box is hard to notice,so keeping it in mind and checking it every once in a while can keep you up to speed on what your teammates are planning.
  • Map Awareness and Reaction Speed

    It's important to check your mini-map frequently. This is something that’s more general to have while playing, but increasing these two skills will allow you to stay on top of what’s happening in-game. These skills are mostly used defensively, but can be used offensively as well. Spotted someone with low hp go down a ladder into the jungle? See the whole enemy team pushing towards a tower while you’re in position to flank? Situations like these require both of the aforementioned skills, and can heavily affect the course of the game.
  • Sanguine Scythe/Blue Hyper Ring

    These are items you want to have in one of your builds (Sanguine Scythe for damage dealers, Blue Hyper Ring for Tanks/Bruisers/anyone of your choice) as they are very important to have. Sanguine Scythe counters Hypers who can heal/lifesteal/health-regen (Migenhardt, Pinky, Victoria, Elendis) and Blue Hyper Ring provides a droppable ward that can be placed for vision within a certain area. They are extremely useful to have, so making sure you have them prepared is a plus.
  • Positive Attitude

    This one is pretty obvious, as being positive is always better than being negative. If you, however, start tilting, take a break and come back refreshed later.

  • Good Luck!

    These are all you will need for having a decent Ranked experience. If you have all of these ready, then you should be good to go! Get out there and aim for #1!