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Hey, Erebros here and I'm going to be giving a guideline for future Signal players. Signal is someone I consider to be the safest pick for strikers with a kit that helps clean up mid-late game. There is a way to get fast early damage out so you can start building up that JUICY KDA.

Pros / Cons

+ Kiting (moving while using regular attacks)

+ Good escape

+ Versatile with builds

+ Sniping ultimate

+ Passive is beautiful if positioned well

+ Decent jungle clear after 1st - 2nd item completion.

- Immobile during ultimate

- Plasma Repeater is kinda useless

- Heavy CD on Evasive Action (escape)

Item Build

  • Headhunter

    I would consider Headhunter always a must for Signal, as his constant regular attacks allow you to make the most of it. Overall it's just an item made for him.

  • High-Voltage Stun Gun / Sanguine Scythe

    HVSG is such a powerful item on him along side HH being built before it. The early damage you can push out is crazy, allowing you to harass enemies out of lane and force them to either retreat or die. But when playing against a heavy heal comp, Sanguine Scythe comes into play as a must to deal with supports like Elendis, Victoria, Pinky (Sorta). I highly suggest to make different builds with both items so you can switch depending on the situation.

  • Plasma Rounds / Dragon's Bane / Lightning Cross

    Now here is where this is my personal choice of playing with Plasma Rounds as it gives an extra snipe round when completed. So for me I love it as I always take full advantage of my snipes when I can snipe people in the darkness or mark them with Target Scan to get off an easy snipe. Personally I think it's best to mark them first then snipe unless you can predict really well on enemy movements. The other 2 items are great choices for choosing over the Plasma Rounds, more so the Dragon bane then the Lighting Cross. LC is mostly used against tanky comps, but it still deals good damage overall with Signal.

  • Extended Magazine / Blue Beam Blade / Hunter's Claw

    Extended Magazine is another personal favorite, as many don't go it same with PR. I would pick this over LC for the fact its his unique that benefits him only also gives defense bypass so that always comes in handy for any situation. Thou I say his Plasma Repeater isn't that great for me personally but taking off some of the movement speed decrease is great as well with the mana cost. Like I said with other items these are good picks over EM (Unique). I would say Fury of the Wild but currently there are some bugs with Signal that make it funky, so be safe with these.

  • Slaughterer's Gaiters

    Nothing to really say here. Life steal is life. Other boots are trash.

  • Assassin's Katar

    Assassin's Katar is a great final item that just tightens it all up. With atleast 60% crit chance, you'll get an extra 35 attack. Also comes along with other juicy stats for Strikers, so its a good item to have.

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing HSVG, Extended Magazine and Plasma Rounds)
  • Attack + 155
    Life Steal + 20%
    Defense Penetration + 20
    Critical Strike + 65%
    Movement Speed + 100
    Movement Speed + 5%
    Defense Bypass + 30%

Skill breakdown

  • Sharpshooter Protocol

    This passive is so damn good if you learn to position well. Obviously positioning is important for any Striker, but people don't get how important it is with this guy to avoid damage as much as possible, so that you can get the full potential of his passive. 10% DMG to enemies and 10% Movement Speed on taking no damage for 5 seconds.

  • Plasma Repeater

    Just your slightly faster regular attack that makes you move slower. Always be careful while using this skill, you need to make sure you've positioned yourself well enough, so that you can use this kill without having to cancel it and escape.

  • Disruptor Beam

    Excellent harass tool when marked with (W), giving you a additional %5 of Max Health as damage. Always good to start off with W > Q > A (Hold) Example

  • Target Scan

    Good vision control giving you so much information when in your lane or when trying to do a jungle clear. Marks anyone within 7000 units away from Signal giving you a defense shredding effect on anyone who is marked with it. Normally I would use the W to get information on who could possibly be in the lane like a Kunerai etc. It helps a lot knowing who is trying to gank me at certain times and forcing them to back off leaving me to free farm at will.

  • Evasive Action

    Escape tool. Please, PLEASE be careful how you use this as you can accidentally make yourself dash the wrong way with it if you try to turn while doing it. Always make sure you pay attention on the direction that Signal is looking at. I had my hiccups on pressing E into the enemy so be mindful of it.

  • Snipe

    Simply what it says snipe. Its always to snipe people from a great distance just feels good getting that kill. Also it does damage to towers just to let you know so if you feel you can kill the tower when its low then by all means. USE IT TO KILL IT. Ignores 20% of enemy's DEF and max range is 4000 units.
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