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Tatyana is a Specialist that becomes stronger the longer the game progresses. She is equipped with multiple tools that allow her to be both a great help to her team and an extreme nuisance to her enemies.

Pros / Cons

+ Easy to use

+ Has a Stun for Self-Peel/keeping enemies in place for her team

+ Stun will also blind enemies (Blind is a great ability against Strikers)

+ Can give herself or her team permanent buffs with her passive

+ AoE Ultimate that can be used for Siege/Team-fights/point control/getting enemies off of her or her allies

+ Rockets lock on to enemies and follow them

+ High damage

+ Strong laner

- No Mobility

- Enemies can pick up her boxes

- Squishy

- Sub-par early jungle clear

Item Build

  • Field Radio

    This is one of Tatyana's Unique items, and is highly recommended for her as it decreases the Cooldown on her Passive from 120 seconds to 60 seconds. This will allow you to give yourself buffs more frequently, which will in turn assist you in building up a lead over the course of the match. It also provides her with Critical Rate and 10% Lifesteal, two very important stats for her to have.

  • Mini MIRV / Sanguine Scythe

    Mini MIRV is another one of Tatyana's Unique items, and is a great item to take if you get the chance. It gives Tatyana Critical Rate, Defense Bypass(for dealing with tanks, or enemies who are stacking defensive items), and increases the amount of rockets she releases with her Heat-Seekers ability while also increasing the damage of multiple rockets hitting a single enemy. If you don't like Mini MIRV or don't have the item, you can instead take Sanguine Scythe. It gives the same amount of Defense Bypass, but instead of providing her with Critical Rate, it gives her Defense Penetration(a good stat to have for killing squishy enemies) and a passive that decreases the amount of health enemies can restore when you hit them.

  • Armor-Piercing Sabot / Hunter's Claws

    Another one of Tatyana's Uniques, however not exactly core for her and can be swapped with whatever you please. It's mainly taken for the large amount of Critical Rate it provides for her(20%) and for letting her Bazooka ability penetrate one additional target. If you aren't sure what to put in it's place, you can instead take Hunter's Claws. They provide 5% less Critical Rate than her Unique, but make up for it by providing Movement Speed, a passive that gives you extra Movement Speed when hitting enemies and gives you a 10% Damage boost to enemies below 50%.

  • Slaughterer's Gaiters

    An item that provides a flat boost to Movement Speed and a passive that increases Defense Penetration based on 7% of total Attack. This item is good for Hypers like Tatyana who stack up on Attack, since it will overall give their attacks and abilities more damage.

  • Dragon's Bane

    A core item for Critical-based damage dealers, this item has a passive that will increase the strength of attacks and abilities that Crit. This will give Tatyana that extra oomph she needs to really become a damage threat.

  • Breath of Fire

    An item that is very effective on Tatyana. It provides some Max Health, which is always helpful, but the main draw of the item is it's passive. After an ability is cast, the next regular attack will deal double the damage. With the amount of Crit Tatyana stacks up on, her regular attacks after an ability is cast are sure to do some big damage to squishy enemies.

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing Mini MIRV and Armor-Piercing Sabot)
  • Attack + 195
    Defense + 85
    Max Health + 300
    Life Steal + 20%
    Critical Rate + 70%
    Movement Speed + 100
    Movement Speed + 5%
    Defense Bypass + 30%

Skill breakdown

  • Supply Drop

    This ability allows Tatyana to scale into infinity. This is an extremely good ability, so make sure to keep track of when it's up so you can make use of it. Be careful, though. You want to make sure you are in a safe enough place to pick it up without an enemy nearby who could possibly try to engage on you as you collect the box.

  • Bazooka

    A simple damaging ability with not much else to it. It explodes in a small AoE on the first target it hits(minions included). Try to use it in the early game to clear the minion waves quicker.

  • Flashbang

    A straightforward Stun that she throws in the direction she is facing. It will also blind enemies, but same with her Bazooka, will explode in a small AoE on the first enemy hit, minions included. Try to save this ability for when a teammate is trying to perform a gank on an enemy or for when you need to escape an enemy that is pursuing you. This ability is very helpful for pesky enemy Strikers, since blind will render their regular attacks useless for a couple of seconds.

  • Remote Grenade

    A regular damaging ability. When it hits max range or when you press the key again, it will explode in a small AoE. This is mostly used for getting a bit of damage on enemies from a safe distance.

  • Heat-seekers

    An ability that locks on to enemies within Tatyana's sight range and sends missiles to the targeted enemy or enemies. If there are minions in front of the enemy Hyper you use this on, they will target them as well. Try to use this ability after clearing out any minions in front of you to get the max amount of damage on your targets.

  • Air raid

    An AoE Ultimate that fires in the area Tatyana casts it from. This Ult can be used for many things(mentioned in Pros/Cons), so try to save it for what you think it will be the most effective on in the match.
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