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Tooth and Tops is all about disrupting the enemy team. Also boasting great mobility, Tooth and Tops can dash into the fight before the enemy knows what hits them. Tooth and Tops' kit is simple and easy to learn which makes him great for beginners.

Pros / Cons

+ Great Crowd Control

+ Good engage, disengage, and peel for his team

+ Strong presence in teamfights

+ Good durability, can take the hits

- Heavily reliant on skills

- Slow jungling

- Bad laning

Item Build

  • Titan Combat Boots

    Highly recommended because of the decrease in duration of interfering skills, which helps as you'll be in the middle of the teamfight trying to disrupt the enemy.

  • Super Strong Shield

    The only mandatory unique item for Tooth and Tops. This item adds a charge effect to Got Your Back, which is immensely helpful to your engage and is used to further keep the enemy locked down, aiding in your purpose to disrupt teamfights.

  • Electroshock Protector

    The second core item of this build and what almost every other item in it supports with increasing max health. Used for it's strong stats and great passive effect that causes a nice damaging shock around you when an enemy (including enemy minions and jungle monsters) enters it's close range. This helps you apply damage to the enemy team in the middle of a teamfight.

  • Devil's Jacket / Frost Cape

    Both are great items that help you and your team in fights. I prefer the Devil's Jacket for it's slightly higher health and passive effect of reducing the attack of anyone to hit you for a total of 10%. It will come down to your preference though. Would you rather decrease the enemies attack, or stack your slows to keep them from running or get them off your teams back if you need to pull out?

  • M.E.D.I.C System

    One of my personal favorite items in the game. Not only does it synergize well with the Electroshock Protector, but it also decreases critical damage taken by 20% AND increases health regen by 3.5% of max health.

  • Blue Hyper Ring

    Another personal favorite for me. This item lets you place down wards which grant vision of the immediate area. This can be used defensively by letting your team know ahead of time if an enemy is going in for a gank or rotating between lanes. Or offensively by placing a deep ward in the enemies jungle, letting your team know if it's still up to steal or maybe you'll see one enemy alone and you'll try to go in for a gank.

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing Devil's Jacket, not Frost Cape)
  • Defense + 160
    Max Health + 2100
    Life Steal + 10%
    CDR + 20%
    Movement Speed + 90
    Max health + 10%

Skill breakdown

  • Team Effort

    For this build and playstyle it won't help much besides making the slow from Twice as Loud last longer.

  • Spearfishing

    This skill causes Tooth to stab his spear around him damaging enemies up to 5 times, though with this build it won't be doing much and is just filler.

  • Fearless Charge

    This is your main engage, but can be used as an escape or peel for your team as well. Tops charges towards the enemy causing them to be knocked up and increasing Tooth and Tops' Attack and Defense.

  • Twice as Loud

    A great slow that helps you chase down enemies or peel for your team. You'll also receive a buff to Attack and Defense depending on how many enemies you hit with it up to 5.

  • Got your back

    This skill puts Tooth and Tops in a defensive stance lasting for three seconds that can be canceled from just pressing the same skill key, dashing, or using any other skill. While taking out their shield and getting ready to counterattack anyone that hits them from up to an 800 unit distance first. Tooth and Tops will gain 60% less damage, ignore stuns, knock up, and knock down. When hit from the front it will cause Tops to charge forwards to knock up any enemies he hits.

  • Double Crush

    Tooth and Tops' ultimate skill. Causing them to jump high into the air and smash down hard enough to knock up enemies. Used mostly for opening up a window for your team to go in and engage, though it can also completely stop the enemy teams engage if they've all dived in too hard. It has a wide area of effect too which helps in trying to disable the whole enemy team.
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