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Trakakhan is a very powerful assassin, capable of catching and dealing heavy damage to multiple enemies at once. The key to mastering Trakakhan is in being able to seamlessly weave his skills together, maximizing his damage and his efficiency. In this guide we will go over some of the build options Trakakhan has, as well as how to use his skills efficiently. Something slightly different about this build is that I'll be using a lot of unique items. Generally speaking I only use one or two unique items on my Hypers, but as Trakakhan is heavily reliant on skills, I find having the uniques really helps. Apart from the skill enhancements, the base stats of the unique items are quite good as well.

Pros / Cons

+ Excellent jungler, fast clears

+ Durable for an assassin

+ Decent engage, capable of facing an entire team

+ High damage output to multiple targets

- Heavily reliant on skills

- Vulnerable and ineffective after using ultimate

- Low mobility

Item Build

  • Slaughterer's Gaiters

    Trakakhan's low mobility and relatively low movement speed are helped with these boots. Furthermore, being a jungler, Trakakhan needs sustain and life steal, making Gaiters a great item to have. I generally put a point into boots and work on other items, opting to max boots after I've completed 2 or 3 of my other items. I'd recommend only putting one point at first since you really only need the slight mobility and lifesteal boost at the start of a game. The attack to defense penetration conversion this boot gives is great to have, but it really only proves useful late game. The movement speed and sustainability will let you move between jungle camps quickly, without having to recall very often. Other boots work well with Trakakhan too, so I'd recommend trying different ones out and seeing what works best for you.

  • Mother's Keepsake

    The first of many unique items in this build, Mother's Keepsake increases Trakakhan's sustain and damage output significantly. Coupled with Slaughterer's Gaiters, Trakakhan gets 20% Lifesteal, which allows Trakakhan to stay in fights longer. Mother's Keepsake also decreases the number of stacks Trakakhan needs to proc his passive to 3, allowing Trakakhan to damage enemies with his passive more frequently.

  • Storm Blade

    This item is essential to Trakakhan, and I'd recommend building it early on in the game. The 35 attack and 20 defense penetration this item has lets Trakakhan output more damage, even to defensive hypers. The real beauty in this item comes from its skill enhancement, however, which makes allows Trakakhan to spin 3 more times with Thunderstorm. Not only that, but Thunderstorm can now steal up to 15% of the enemy's movement speed, making it great for chasing enemies down. Since Trakakhan lacks CC outside of his Lightning Charge, the movement speed steal helps him out a lot. Another thing to remember is that Mother's Keepsake reduces the number of passive stacks to 3, meaning Trakakhan can release the damage from his passive significantly more times with Thunderstorm.

  • Lightning Core

    This item provides Trakakhan with 300 HP and 40 attack. As mentioned previously, one of Trakakhan's best qualities is his high durability for an assassin. That is precisely the quality this item bolsters, which is why it's included in this build. Lightning Core decreases the cooldown of Trakakhan's ultimate by 10 seconds, as well as buffing his Max Health and Defense by 10% when he is in demigod form. This makes his ultimate more available and effective, allowing him to give his all in fights more frequently.

  • Hunter's Claws / Thunderhold

    I've seen success using both of these items, and I think they both have strengths that warrant either one being in the build. I'd recommend trying both out and seeing which on you prefer, or choosing another item entirely. Hunter's Claws works really well with Trakakhan's kit, as the increased damage to enemies below half health is great for assassins and junglers. Not only that, but the movement speed Trakakhan gets while attacking melds perfectly with the Storm Blade enhancement, allowing Trakakhan to chase down enemies even faster, padding his low mobility. Thunderhold has impressive base stats, and the 15% cooldown reduction is great for Trakakhan, who relies so heavily on his skills. It directly impacts his Sunder, massively increasing the damage of the move. With Thunderhold, Trakakhan can deal up to 10% of Max Health in damage, making it useful for damaging tanks.

  • Dread Mantle

    Like Lightning Core, Dread Mantle bolsters Trakakhan's durability and sustain, with a 45 point boost to his defense and a 10% increase in lifesteal. I'm aware that this brings Trakakhan's lifesteal stat to 30% (over the 25% cap), but I don't think it's a real significant waste. If you'd rather it not be over the cap, you can always try different boots, such as Mercenary Greaves or Dragonhide Shoes, which would lower the overall lifesteal stat to 20%. Dread Mantle's effect melds very well with Trakakhan's kit and items, as it allows him to steal his enemies defense and movement speed while attacking. With Storm Blade, Trakakhan can steal up to 30% of his enemies movement speed, giving him all the speed he needs to chase down opponents. The defense steal also makes enemies die quicker, while buffing Trakakhan's impressive defense as well.

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing Hunter's Claws)
  • Attack + 145
    Defense + 45
    Max Health + 300
    Life Steal + 30%
    Mana Regen + 30
    Defense Penetration + 20
    Critical Strike + 25%
    CDR + 15%
    Movement Speed + 100
    Movement Speed + 15%

Skill breakdown

  • Thunder Brand

    Each time Trakakhan attacks the same target 4 times (3 with Mother's Keepsake), he deals additional damage to the target. This skill is incredibly useful for dishing out damage to enemies, but also helps in clearing jungle camps quicker.

  • Thundering Kick

    While this move is typically used more frequently for clearing jungle camps, weaving it with your skill combos lets you deal more damage to enemy hypers, as well as push them back slightly, giving you a positional advantage.

  • Sunder

    Great for starting or finishing skill combos, keep in mind that this skill also does % Max Health damage, not % Missing Health. This means its okay to use it at the beginning or end of a combo, as the damage remains the same regardless. I like using it immediately after I use Lightning Charge, but other effective combo variations exist.

  • Lightning Charge

    This is Trakakhan's main CC tool, and is incredibly versatile. It can group together and knock up entire teams

  • Thunderstorm

    This skill is Trakakhan's bread and butter, and it's where most of his damage to enemy hypers will come from. Since it procs Thunder Brand, Hunter's Claws, Dread Mantle, and other on-hit effects, this skill is incredibly important for Trakakhan. It's wide range coupled with mobility makes it great for clearing out jungle camps, dealing group damage, and positioning yourself more strategically in a fight. Once you hit an enemy with this skill, make sure you move with them as they try to flee, so you can get the most out of it.

  • Rage of Thunder

    As we've discussed already, Trakakhan's ultimate increases his durability tremendously, but it also increases his physique by 25%, which in turn increases the range of all of his abilities. Make sure you use this skill right before a teamfight, as it goes through a short animation, and only be activated on the ground. It also makes you immune to all interference effects (except grapples), so your initiate will be much harder to contest. Keep in mind that it also deals a good bit of damage, which can be what you need to get a fight started in your favor. After his ultimate expires, Trakakhan suffers a %20 decrease to his attack, defense, and movement speed. While he isn't useless in this state, he's certainly not nearly as effective and much more vulnerable. This is why you need to make sure you get the most out of your skills while your ultimate is active, so nothing threatens Trakakhan in his weakened state.
  • Video Examples

    These examples will show you how to maximize the benefits of each skill in Trakakhan's arsenal.
  • Standard initiate

    This is Trakakhan's main skill combo when he initiates on enemies, it's not hard, but I'd recommend practicing it until it becomes second-nature. Dashing in lets you close distance quickly surprise the enemy team. You can opt to use Thunderstorm before Sunder as well. When you initiate from the front, make sure not to push enemies too far away from your allies in a teamfight, as it'll be hard for them to follow up. Watch
  • Alternate initiate trap

    If you use Lightning Charge backwards immediately after using dash, you can bring enemies in quickly, giving you and your team a positional advantage. This is great for bringing in enemies in turret range, or simply allowing your team to rain damage down on them. If you use this right, you'll be able to draw in enemies who think they're safe very quickly. Watch
  • Trakakhan's short hop

    Trakakhan has an excellent jump attack. Not only does it come out quickly, but the range of his sword allows him to chase down enemies while preserving momentum. This range is further increased when Trakakhan is in his demigod form, along with his other abilities as well. Watch
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