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Turner is a Striker that can deal heavy burst damage to enemies from a long-range. His kit is centered around Critical-Rate and Critical-Damage, while also bringing some utility to aid his team. He is very easy to use among others in his class, however he lacks in certain areas that other Strikers don't struggle as much with.

Pros / Cons

+ High burst damage

+ Only Striker with a hard-CC(Trap)

+ Abilities give free Crit-Rate and Crit-Damage

+ Can provide vision of an area for his team for a short time

+ Can deal bonus damage to a single enemy of his choice

- No mobility

- Low base attack-speed

- Low survivability

- No self-peel

Item Build

  • Master's Rifle

    This is one of Turner's Unique Items, and it is a core item that every Turner should take in their builds if they want to do heavy damage. It has all the stats that Turner can take advantage of while also giving him the ability to apply a health regen debuff on enemies. Most importantly, it buffs up his Aimed Shot, which is his bread and butter ability for dealing burst damage to enemy Hypers. By allowing his Aimed Shot to count as a regular attack, it gives it the ability to activate other item effects that only proc on regular attacks, such as the next item on this list. However, be aware that once Aimed Shot is upgraded to count as a regular attack, that also means it will be affected by blind.

  • Breath of Fire

    This is another core item for Turner that will allow him to burst down enemies. After using an ability, the next regular attack will apply two regular attacks for the price of one, meaning that instead of just doubling the damage of your regular attack, the damage your regular attack does will be applied twice(Ex. if your regular attack does 100 damage, instead of it doing 200 damage for a single hit, it will do 100 - 100 at the same time, as if you had used two separate regular attacks), and both instances of damage have separate chances to crit. This item also synergizes extremely well with Master's Rifle, because when you have both of these items built at the same time, using Aimed Shot will also apply the passive, which increases the overall damage you will be doing to enemies. Aside from the passive the stats it offers, specifically the Movement Speed +5% and the Max Health +300, can help you survive and possibly escape an enemy engage.

  • Weathered Coat

    Now, this item isn't core, so it can be swapped with other items that fit your play-style. However, it is an item with very beneficial stats for Turner, such as the Defense +30 that can help you stay alive in a fight and take more poke damage without needing to back off as much. It will also enhance your Keen Instincts ability, with a Cooldown decrease of 5 seconds, and an Attack Speed increase of 30%, bringing it up to 55% increase in Attack Speed when the ability is used after this item is completed. This can assist you in increasing the DPS you apply to foes when fights break out.

  • Slaughterer's Gaiters

    This item is also not core, and can be switched out for items that are to your liking. But it is recommended, as it increases your Movement Speed by a flat amount while also providing you with Life Steal, a very important stat for Strikers. The items passive will also increase your Defense Penetration by 7% of your Attack Damage, which plays a big role in how much damage you can really dish out to enemies.

  • Dragon's Bane

    A core item for Turner, as it will increase the amount of Critical Damage he will do when an attack crits. Turner is a Striker that's heavily focused on having a lot of crit, so an item like this fits perfectly with him, since most of his attacks will crit.

  • Old Coin

    This item is recommended, but not needed(although having an item with Defense Bypass on it is very recommended, so if you don't take this item, look into trying to take either Blue Beam Blade or Sanguine Scythe). This item will help you build up a gold lead on your enemies, as every minion/monster that you successfully last hit will give you 15 additional gold, which will make getting to your items faster as the game continues. It will also enhance Turner's Ult, Bounty, by giving more gold on Bounty kills and resetting his Ult Cooldown when he gets a kill or assist. The Defense Bypass is the most important stat on this item, as it will help in whittling down enemies who are stacking Defense.

  • Total Base Stats
  • Attack + 170
    Defense + 30
    Max Health + 300
    Life Steal + 20%
    Critical Rate + 65%
    Movement Speed + 100
    Movement Speed + 5%
    Defense Bypass + 30%

Skill breakdown

  • Hunter's Eye

    A very straight-forward passive. It gives Turner an extra 15% Critical Rate to work with. Keep this in mind when making builds for Turner, since with this passive it allows him to be a bit more flexible with the items he can take.

  • Aimed Shot

    Turner's main damage-dealing ability. It has a slightly longer range than his regular attack. Make sure you are using this ability any time that you can in fights, as it does more damage than your regular attack.

  • Bird of Prey

    A very good utility ability. Can be used for trying to get vision of a certain area, or buffing up yourself and your team in a fight.

  • Bear Trap

    Another utility skill. These can be used to zone off enemies from possible engages, however they can be easily jumped over. You can hold three traps max, but you can only place two traps at a time, so be aware of that.

  • Keen Instincts

    A very important ability for Turner, as it increases his low base Attack Speed, which in turn helps him apply more DPS within a fight. The Movement Speed increase can also help him stay on top of enemies, or kite out incoming foes.

  • Bounty

    This is an ability that allows Turner to single out a certain target to deal bonus damage to. Once applied, it will stay on the enemy Hyper it was applied to until either they die, Turner dies, or Turner applies it to someone else. This should be used on enemies you think will cause you the most problems when fights break out. The targeted enemy, the opposing team and your allies will know who is tracked, so this can cause the tracked enemy to play a bit safer.
  • Quick Tip

    Go into Training Mode first and test out different items before heading straight into battle. Testing the items will give you a good idea of what can and cannot work with certain Hypers.
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