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Sun Wukong is one of the most well rounded hypers in the game. With strong attack and defense stats, he's able to hold his own in any fight. This build will focus on bolstering Wukong's greatest strengths, as well as covering some of his weaknesses. His skills, particularly his Staff Slam and Pillar of Heaven are excellent crowd control tools, making him a useful addition to any team. It is particularly important for Wukong that he manages his skills well, as it determines his effectiveness in a fight, and determines how durable he is in a fight. A good Wukong player will be able to use his skills masterfully, and in a way that ensures Wukong is all he can be for his team.

Pros / Cons

+ Strong crowd control

+ Mobile

+ Balanced offense and defense

- Damage and durability drop significantly when skills are on cooldown

- Mobility dependent on nimbus cloud, almost entirely

Item Build

  • Titan Combat Boots

    Some Wukong builds don't use boots of any kind, but I think he benefits from having them in his build. Titan Combat Boots provide a decent amount of defense and mobility, as well as a lowered duration of intereference effects. Defense is an important stat to maintain as Wukong, as many of his skills and the other items in this guide build on it. Wukong's only real mobility comes from his Nimbus Cyclone, and while it is fast and long reaching, Wukong becomes quite vulnerable without it. The defense and intereference dampening provided by these boots help cover that weakness, and serve as a strong starting point for the rest of the build.

  • High Mountain Cudgel

    Easily one of the best items available to Wukong, High Mountain Cudgel provides a wide array of important stat boosts. Apart from the life steal and mana regen (important for Wukong's sustain), it removes the mana cost of Nimbus Cyclone, and boosts the speed of the move. It takes Wukong's best engaging and escape option and makes it significantly better.

  • Monkey King's Mantle / Exo-Frame

    Both of these items complement Wukong extremely well, and depending on your needs. Both items increase base attack and defense stats considerably. While Exo-Frame scales better overall with its percentage boosts, Monkey King Mantle yields similar stats by enhancing Wukong's passive, as well as giving him a 15% cooldown reduction. A character like Wukong throws relies greatly on his skills, and cooldown reduction helps ensure he has access to them when he needs it.

  • Breath of Fire

    Breath of Fire is an absolute essential for any Wukong build. It gives Wukong the damage, health, and movement speed, making him even more well rounded as a hyper. As mentioned before, Wukong uses his skills often, and Breath of Fire boosts the damage of regular attacks by a 100% after a skill is used (under a 3 second cooldown).

  • Ruyi Bang

    Ruyi Bang is an excellent unique item, and is another essential to any Wukong build. This item, once upgraded, shaves off a chunk of the cooldown on Wukong's ultimate, and makes him resistant to all interference(except grapples) while casting it. Wukong's ultimate can be game changing, and it's long reach makes it an incredible engage/follow-up. Having this item in your build will make this move more available and more reliable. Apart from this, Wukong gains a large amount of damage, as well as a percentage increase in defense(equal to 10%) of attack.

  • Frostedge / Verdant Crescent

    This is another part in the build where I think two items work particularly well with Wukong. Frostedge increases your survivability by giving a sizeable increase in attack and defense, and shields you for up to 700 damage should your health go under 20%. This benefits Wukong as, being a melee character, often finds himself in the middle of a fight. Verdant Cresecent yields similar boosts to attack and defense, but increases your lifesteal and movement speed instead. It also makes enemies more vulnerable as anyone within 600 units has their attack and defense stats reduced by 15. This helps Wukong in many ways, such as sustain during jungling/fighting, boosting movement while engaging/fleeing, as well as allowing his team to deal more damage. Both items work well, choose what fits your needs.

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing Mantle and Frostedge)
  • Attack + 175
    Defense + 65
    Max Health + 300
    Mana Regen + 60
    CDR + 15%
    Critical Rate + 25%
    Lifesteal + 10%
    Movement Speed + 90
    Movement Speed + 10%

  • Total Base Stats (for build containing Exo-frame and Verdant Crescent)
  • Attack + 160
    Defense + 50
    Max Health + 300
    Mana Regen + 60
    CDR + 15%
    Critical Rate + 25%
    Lifesteal + 20%
    Movement Speed + 90
    Movement Speed + 15%
    Additional Stat Boosts + 10% Attack and Defense

Skill breakdown

  • Stone Monkey

    Wukong's strong, balanced attack and defense stats begin here. As you level, you gain attack and defense equal to 3 times the level of the skill. Monkey King's Mantle upgrades this ability by giving you an additional 25 attack and defense.

  • Clone Attack

    This move is unique as it doesn't need to be cancelled into like other skills. Instead, Wukong can activate it alongside his other skills and regular attacks immediately. You are limited by the amount of ki orbs you have however, and you can have up to 3 clones at once. Make sure to manage your ki orb count well so you can consistently put out the damage you need to.

    Example of skill combinations

  • Staff Slam

    Staff Slam is Wukong's primary crowd control ability, and is very versatile. Because of it's long range, Wukong can easily stun hypers that are attempting to flee, as well as hypers that are grouped together. If you use it immediately out of your dash, you can extend your range and stun enemy hypers. Make sure to follow up with your Clone Attack, and immediately follow up with your other moves such as Monkey Jab and regular attacks.

    Example of Stun Follow-up

  • Monkey JabThis move allows Wukong to attack multiple enemies at a relatively safe distance. It's most effective when animation cancelled with Wukong's other skills, so make sure you string together this move his other abilities.

    Example of Monkey Jab animation cancel

  • Nymbus CycloneThis is Wukong's primary mobility, and it is easily one of the best movement skills in the game. It gives Wukong a massive upgrade in speed(further increased by the Ruyi Bang item upgrade), and has many active hitboxes during the animation. It also grants Wukong immunity to any restricting effects, making it an excellent escape tool. It's also useful for attacking, as fleeing hypers can easily be caught and finished off with this move.

    Example of Nimbus Cloud usage

  • Pillar of Heaven

    This ultimate is basically Staff Slam on steroids. It has massive range and knocks up any enemy hyper it touches. Excellent for engaging teamfights and allowing your team to followup, or for hitting hypers at a long distance. From the time hypers are launched up, Wukong has enough time to dash in and stun them with Staff Slam, allowing him to extend his combo.

    Example of Ultimate usage in chasing

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