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Zet is a bruiser that can take on an array of different situations with the use of his versatile skillset. Interrupting and creating opportunities for your team is Zet's specialty as provides sufficient peel for your teammates. Zet is perfect for beginners with his second life which allows him to commit to teamfights to continue his pressure if need be.

Pros / Cons

+ Very versatile bruiser: Has Good HP, DEF, engage, disengage, harass, peel, gank, and chasedown

+ Able to receive exceptional HP regen with a good build

+ Has a second life

+ No real weaknesses

- His skillset isn't that impactful (makes up for it with second life and versatility)

Item Build

  • Core Recovery Module

    This item has rised after it's buff allowing Zet to have his passive on standby more readily. The base stats are desirable as well.

  • Dread Mantle

    This item has rised after it's buff allowing Zet to have his passive on standby more readily. The base stats are desirable as well.

  • Whitesteel

    A bit of a controversial item, but it does give Zet better sustain with the extra hp regen it grants.

  • Force Reactor

    The buff that Force Reactor gives to Zet's ultimate is very good in teamfights when in combination with Dread Mantle against squishy hypers caught in the blast. This will greatly help your team get even swifter kills against enemy hypers.

  • Shock Knuckles

    It's a staple item on bruiser builds as it's the one of very few bruiser items that gives crit. Bruisers should take as much crit and attack as possible while keeping your defense numbers around 250-280 and Shock Knuckles allow just that.

  • Slaughterer's Gaiters / Dragonhide Shoes / Mercenary Greaves / Titan Combat Boots

    Really the choice of boots here are all good on bruisers and they are personal preference. It's obvious why a person would choose Dragonhide Shoes, but Mercenary Greaves are good if you want to keep up in stats throughout midgame but they will become a bit obsolete at the late game. Titan Combat Boots are nice yet at this point in time interference type CC(knockdown states more specifically) can be stacked. From my understanding Titan Combat Boots' CC reduction effect is hardly notable once you're stuck under layers of CC. Lastly, the Slaughterer's Gaiters, I'm really liking these boots on all bruisers since they will give you some defense penetration based off a percentage of your attack which goes nicely with Dread Mantle and Force Reactor defense debuffs.

  • Total Base Stats (For build containing Mercenary Greaves)
  • Attack + 80
    Defense + 155
    Max Health + 500
    Max Mana + 35
    Mana Regen + 30
    CDR + 25%
    Critical Rate + 20%
    Lifesteal + 10%
    Movement Speed + 90
    Keep in mind that these aren't the true values of the build. There are a lot of items that bolster different stats in the suggested build, and Zet mode switch passive to look out for. You will end up with more stats than expected from the rough stats above with a finished build.

Skill breakdown

  • Emergency Code GDX

    Emergency Code GDX is Zet's passive that allows him to rise from what was a recent pile of scrap, granting him a second life.The passive is really good for committing to teamfights since you know you have a spare second life this means you can be more persistent in teamfights, but use your spare lives wisely because the cooldown is lengthy.

  • Shining Fist

    A typical skill that Zet will use to get a bit of damage out. The skill hits 2 times, and the second hit will not come out unless the initial hit connects with an enemy.

  • Double Rocket Punch

    This is one of Zet's most reliable moves because not only does it stun, but it stuns from a range. I mainly use this move to interrupt the enemy from advancing on me or my team or you may use this move to capitalize off any interference CC that your teammates land as well.

    Disengage Example
  • Cross Slash

    Zet's third skill is a lunge that will slow any enemy that connects with it by 30% for 3 seconds. This move is useful for slowing down fleeing enemies and slowing enemies that are chasing you as well as serving as a second dash with an obnoxious hitbox that hits behind him.

    Example of turnaround shockwave

    Escape Example
  • Mode Shift

    Zet can shift between two different modes, Guardian mode and Assault mode. He can freely change modes in the middle of any skill or action. Switching between modes will grant a movespeed bonus(15% for 3 seconds). Zet gains extra passive buffs depending on which mode he is in. Guardian Mode: Will grant extra defense, and while in Guardian mode Zet will gain HP regen by 100% of his DEF. In Assault Mode Zet is granted extra attack. Assault mode Zet will gain crit by 4% of attack. I feel that the proper application is to use Guardian mode more often than Assault mode. Guardian mode will be good for general roaming as i do feel that running around in Assault mode is a bit more risky. Assault mode is good for jungling and it's great to use in the latter half of a teamfight.

  • Core Blast

    Zet's ultimate is good for locking down enemies that are weakened to enable your team to help finish them off and to stop flee attempts. Using this right by ladders would be a good idea as the hitbox covers a bit of screen. In general it's not an easy ultimate to land raw, but you can confirm into it through the use of Zet's skills or by stacking on enemies after they have been hit with interference CC.

  • Tips & Additional Builds

    • Tips

    • Zet excels at zipping in-and-out of fights, bruising, and pinning down weak enemies.

    • Identify any threat on the enemy team(like an assassin with heavy CC) and use Zet's stun to protect your teammates/interrupt the enemy when they go for an engage then use his Cross Slash to punish them with a slow. If there aren't any enemy defense turrets nearby you can use Zet's mobility and evasiveness to position yourself behind the enemy team and pressure/distract the backline. Serving as a distraction is apart of the bruiser role. You can call it 'damage reallocation' if you will. This will take the focus off of your important teammates and places it on to you thus allowing your team to live. Zet is perfect for this strat because he has a second life. Don't treat Zet like a tank though with this strat, you'll want to weasel around and dodge damage while distracting if you can. Another reason why I think damage reallocation is handy is because since you are in the backline you are able to stop any retreating enemy that dived into your team and secure a kill if you can play it right.

    • Remember Zet isn't the best for sustained battles. He excels by zipping in-and-out of fights and pinning down weak enemies.

    • Zet has a free stun with good range and slow skill. Be sure to use them liberally there's no real value for saving his skills unless coordinating a CC chain with teammates.

    • Zet is pretty good for Solo Q although not the best as his kit isn't the most impactful.

    • Zet's jump attack has a fairly large hitbox. Be sure to abuse it if you think someone wants to climb a ladder to escape!

    • Additional Builds Here

    • Builds 1-3 are all standard Zet builds. I feel that every item in these builds are BiS at the moment with little room for customization, but you're able to tech out Whitesteel with other bruiser-like items as shown with build 2 and 3. The 3rd build techs out Core Recovery Module for Eternal Ice Crystal(or EIC). Use EIC for teams that have a good amount of heavy CC. If the enemy team has a Louis then use EIC regardless of the other CC threats that may or may not be on the enemy team.

    • Builds 4 and 5 are my tanky builds. Use this if you there is no tank on your team and you feel that you will need some sustain.

    • I think that Zet should be used with other hypers who can group up enemy hypers together with their CC so: Camilla, Kurenai, Sapitelbub, Arslan, Sonya etc. are all decent synergies with Zet.

    Good luck!

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